2009 Knicks Offer Fans Worst Start In Franchise History


Warriors 121, Knicks 107

1 2 3 4 T
GSW (3-5) 32 34 20 35 121
NYK (1-9) 26 26 28 27 107

“It’s bad, there’s no doubt about it,” — Mike D’Antoni

“If we continue playing the way we’re playing now. It is obviously just not working.” –David Lee

“We should be pissed. We’re not playing to our potential. We’re not this bad of a team. . . .None of us were prepared for this.” — Al Harrington


Post-Up’s Write Up

Knicks Lose Heart Against San Francisco

In achieving the worst starting record in franchise history, the Knicks put on a disheartening performance against the Warriors last night at Madison Square Garden. There was little to cheer about. Falling behind by 6 at the end of the first quarter and by 14 by half-time, the Knicks attempted a futile comeback in the third quarter, closing the gap to just 6 points (SF 86 NY 80), only to get crushed in the 4th quarter and lose 121 – 107. The Warriors seemed able to score in the paint at will, as the Knicks once again showed almost no interior defense, little or no shot blocking, and no courage in stepping in front of penetrators and taking charges, as Stephen Jackson, Kalenna Azubuke, and Monte Ellis did whatever they wanted in drives to the hoop.

San Francisco moved the ball effortlessly within the paint and around the circle and even hen it seemed that the Knicks could make a stop, a pass to CJ Watson ( 7 out of 8 attempts, including 3 3’s) put a dagger in any Knick comeback momentum. Danilo Gallinari’s 19 points (including 4 of 6 3pt. shots) and 10 rebounds offered a bit of consolation to the Garden fans. Gallo’s shooting kept the Knicks alive in the 1st quarter, and Jordan Hill’s (rare appearance at the start of the 3rd quarter) along with the rookie Tony Douglas, provided some aggressive energy and made the Knicks somewhat competitive in the 3rd quarter. Hill scored 10 points in 14 minutes, Douglas contributed 15 with 3 assists, 3 rebounds, and 1 steal. Duhon (1 of 7 ) and Hughes (1 of 6) had miserable games and Lee’s defensive limitations were severely exposed. Overall, a pitiful and painful game to watch, especially at the conclusion of a home stand, as the Knicks now take their abysmal starting record, 1 and 9, on the road for the next five games.


I want to direct your attention to this article about Curry being benched by Nellie for the game. Curry had been averaging 31 minutes in the first six games and all of a sudden, without communication for his Coach Nellie, he is sitting on the bench. You gotta love this kid’s attitude and wonder why in the hell Nellie, who has a bad rep regarding his treatment of players, is still with the team.

“This is as tired as I’ve ever been in my life,” Curry said.

His smile, however, didn’t last.

“It sucks. It sucks. You don’t want to be sitting and watching, especially how the season has started,” he said. “Hopefully, I won’t get used to it, but we’ll see what happens.”

Curry isn’t exactly sure why he was removed from the starting lineup two games ago and why he’s averaging just 12 minutes a game off the bench. Coach Don Nelson hasn’t addressed the subject with his rookie and avoided the topic with the media.

. . . .

Curry said he’ll instigate the conversation with the coaching staff. He averaged 31 minutes a game through the first six.

“They haven’t told me that I’m doing anything wrong,” Curry said. “I’ll ask some questions, because I hate this feeling. I come in and work every day, try to learn and take practice seriously, so I’ve just got to keep doing that and be patient. …

“I’ll do it in a respectful way. I’ll do it in a way that shows I’m willing to work harder if I need to or do something different if I need to. I’m not going to walk in and yell, ‘Coach, why ain’t you playing me?’ “

Thousands of New York fans stayed to the bitter end of the blowout and chanted for Curry to enter the game. After playing 1:05 in the first half, he played the final 1:30.

“That meant a lot,” Curry said. “You like to have fans who support you, even if you’re not playing. They waited just to see me get in and dribble the ball a few times.”

Blocked Shots: The Knicks are putrid but the Fanatic LBEs are off the hook.  Last night the LBE was hosted by Peaceman and Orange and Blue.  Also, in the hiz-house were Post-Up Prince, DLT Knicks, Paul and Modi with a special appearance from ASternWarning.  Post Up had it right when he wrote “Solace and mutual consolation is the essence of this blog.” The show was hilarious, but Peaceman had the quote of the LBE, “The Mike Dantoni show? LOL that like Marburys “Stars on Stars.” Later PUP chimed in: “D’Antoni wishes he could do the post game in 7 seconds or less.”  And after the Knicks looked really dead, Peace gave us the inside scoop: “Donnie has an Aide that has to shake him to see if he’s still alive every 20 minutes. ” But Paul summed it all up in the end with “this fucking blows….i miss the Layden Era.”  My contribution was the fine NBA cheerleaders to lift our spirits — even my wife would have to say I have great taste. LOL.  Feel free to stop by next time. Don’t suffer alone.   

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