David Lee May Not Need That Bonus Afterall: You Go Boy

Redsarmy.com advises us that “Life Isn’t All Bad For David Lee,” by showcasing his girlfriend Sabina Gadecki (see SabinaGadecki.com), host of World Poker Tour. Now I bet you Mr. Lee doesn’t play matador defense when somebody steps up to try to score on his honey.  Then again, he doesn’t have to rely on team defense to keep this bonus.  I don’t feel so bad for the brother who will probably fail to make the playoffs and the $1 Million bonus that reportedly comes with it.  (BTW, message to Dolan.  That bonus money you save because Nate and David fail to make the playoffs should be given to the fans as part of a ticket recall program.  Your product stinks.)  Anyway, David Lee still deserves a Fanatic “You Go Boy.”


David Lee's Girlfriend Pic 1


David Lee's Girlfriend 2

Read more?  Not really.  Sometimes more pics are better than a thousand words.