Blogging, out of necessity, has resulted in a language all its own, that may vary according to the blogging community. This language includes shorthand in the form of acronyms which are used in certain blogging communities to speed up writing, allow for reading ease and/or to creatively circumvent censors geared to ban certain words or phrases.

The Knicks blogging community has its own special language which is constantly developing, especially when the acronym massa, Steady, is at the keyboards. These quick developments can take newbies and even some surprised regulars, without assistance, a while to understand. When I first started posting on Knicks Knation (a perpetually dying commercial blog), I would ignore certain acronyms simply because I had no idea what they meant. For example, it took me forever and two days to figure out that “ROFL” was not a perverted dog bark, but shorthand for “rolling on the floor laughing.” I now imagine how many funny jokes (or jokes mis-identified as funny) I probably missed simply because I did not understand the blogger language.

In that spirit, I offer the FANATICS my revised  compilation of often used acronyms and their meanings; it is my Acronym and Phrases Dictionary which was first published on Knicks Defense, one of our former blog homes. This is meant to be a benefit to the newbies, but hopefully, it will also serve those old heads, like myself, who just skip what they don’t recognize or understand. This list is not exhaustive, so feel free to add to it; nor is it a guarantee that you will finally understand what a FANATIC has written, but it should reduce some of the guess work and enhance your FANATICAL Fellowship.

ABS = All Bullshit or Anucha Browne Sanders depending on circumstances
AH = Alan Hahn; Al Harrington

AH20 = Classic Alan Houston, #20
AH7 = 2007 Training Camp Alan Houston wanna be

AntiNYSN = Anti New York Sports News, a prominent critic of racism in sports media
APB = All Point’s Bulletin or “Where Your Azz Been Posting Boy”

BARF = “Be A Real Fan”
BLT = Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato

BRB = Be Right Back
BTW = By The Way

CBA = Collective Bargaining Agreement
CTFU = Crackin’ The Funk Up

Da Zero = The bad side of the author of Da Zero A Gotto
DDD = Double Digit Deficits
DFTT = Don’t Feed The Trolls
DL = Down Low (see RDL)

DLee = David Lee
DLT Knicks = Dave Love Those Knicks (See Just DLT)

Dnice = Demetrius Nichols  (See picture of Insurance Salesman)

ESP = Extrasensory Perception or “Extra Stupid Post” depending on circumstances
Ecity = Eddie Curry (See EFat)

EFat = Eddie Curry
E-Z Pass = Offensive or Defensive Combination of Eddie Curry and Zach Randolph

FA = Free Agent or Frank Assola
FI = Frank Isola

FF = Follow Friday – a weekly Twitter shout out

FWIW = For what It’s Worth

GTFOH = Get the Fu*k Outta Here
HOF = Hall of Fame
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
IT = Isiah Thomas
JJI = Jared Jeffries
JJ0 = Jared Jordan
JJXXXXXXI = Jerome James/ aka / “Big Snaxxxx”
JJIIDD = Jerome James Lives at Dunkin Donuts

Just DLT = Dave Frustrated With Those Knicks
KBILUVU = DVJ’s Summer Wet Dream — “Kobe Bryant I Wish You Wore Orange and Blue”

KF = Knicks Fanatics; Knicks Fix (See Bought and Owned by Cablevision)
KFL = Knicks For Life

KFFL = Knicks Fan For Life
KK = Knick Knation (Daily News Blog)

LAP = Long Ass Post
LB = The unmentionable HOF coach, La**y Bro*n

LBE = Live Blogging Event
LGK = Let”s Go Knicks
LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
LMBO = Laughing My BBalls Off
LOL = Laughing Out Loud; or “Don’t get insulted, I’m Just Kidding”
NYC = If you don’t know, you’re on the wrong blog and on the wrong planet

OPD = Other People’s Draft
OPP = Other People’s Players (See also Other Team’s Players)
OTOH = On The Other Hand
OTP = Other Team’s Players
MAK = No Meaning Whatsoever
M.O.P. = Most Outstanding Player or Most Obnoxious Punk- consider context

MJ = Michael Jackson; Michael Jordan

MMPM = Marketing Moves Precede Personnel Moves
MSM = Mainstream Media; Metro Sports Media; Men-having Sex With Men

N8 the Gr8 = NATE the GREAT Robinson

N2 = Nate Robinson’s new jersey number
NBA = Nothing But Actors; or National Basketball Association
PAMF = Punk Ass Mutherflubber
PR = Puerto Rico
PT = Playing Time or Part Time

PUP = Post Up Prince, a prominent Blogger
RDL = Really Down Low

RFA = Restricted Free Agent; or divorced and broke
ROFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing

ROFLMAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

ROFLMBAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Black Ass Off

ROFLMPAO = Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Pale Ass Off (or My Butt needs a tan cause I can’t laugh naked in public)
ROI = Return on Investment
ROY = Rookie of the Year

RT = ReTweet
RTG = Ready To Go
SFD =Sit The Fu*k Down
SM = Stephon Marbury or Sadist Masochist or Saved Man
SOS = “Same Old Shyte” or “Save Our Ship” depending on time of year
STD = Shown The Door

STFU = Shut the Fu*k Up

TBV = Trust But Verify
TMI = Too Much Information

UFA = Unrestricted Free Agent; or divorced with cash

WFL = Waiting For LeBron
WTF = What the Fu*k

Common Fanatics Blogging Phrases

[]’Antoni = D’Antoni has no “D” is his game or name.

Blogga’ Please = polite directive to spare declarant the stupid shyte

Cap Space = An oversized condom; a regular-sized condom on an ineffectual member; the imagined distance between a lottery team and a perennial playoff contender; an excuse for managerial incompetence; the difference between a team’s total annual salary and the salary cap determined every July.

Co-sign = To agree with the statement of another.

Dross = Lowly, insignificant; rank; needless and annoying repetition within posts, or  from post to subsequent post.

Just Bloggin’ =  A general qualifier meaning the blogger is only serious if he or she happens to eventually be correct with an off the wall comment. Otherwise blogger renounces full ownership of statement or comment. Copyrighted by blogger Steady.

Just Bloguin = Just Bloggin’ at Bloguin

Koolaid = the poisonous fluid given to snookered believers who are practically alone on some island; the drink of choice for those who mistakenly believe that unquestioned acceptance of bullshyte fed to them by management and the MSM is a requirement of fandom.

Lil’ General = David Stern or Avery Johnson

Lone Rogue Ref Theory = Bullshyte; The final conclusion that only one NBA referee was involved in a gambling scandal that resulted in bogus calls to influence the outcome of games;

Penthouse = master suite of the lead Blog Post; the big comment box at the top of the blog page.

Pink Eye = opposite of sixth eye; a malady that refers to blindness or blurred vision resulting in piss poor analysis of a player’s skill, talent and value; a term associated first with Blogger, African who is famous for his unreasonable support of Eddie Curry after Curry demonstrated he was more interested in eating than getting into shape

Scriptologist = a student and proponent of Scriptology; a blogger who selectively and often retrospectively analyzes and predicts the happenings in the NBA on the formations of an unwritten script. Born from Shaq’s proposition that the NBA is full of Nothing But Actors.  Co-signed by Rasheed Wallace.

Scriptology = the study of the notion that the NBA is filled with actors with loosely but clearly defined roles and that some outcomes, including wins and losses and draft lottery picks, are pre-determined by economic necessity; the study of the role of the omnipresent hand of the Lil General, David Stern, in the outcomes of the NBA.

Skip Pass = Act of ignoring a blogger’s comment instead of wasting time responding,

The Plan = An organizational excuse for the immediate bad results of screwed up managerial decisions for contrived long-term benefits; The presentation of a diversion from the pain of present conditions; Jonestown Koolaid.

ThrillWill = Wilson Chandler

Turtle = An endearing term for a general manager who does practically nothing during a time period when much is required; a general manager who makes little progress on short-term goals in favor of waiting for long-term deadlines; Donnie Walsh

Tweeps – People who follow others on Twitter

New tag line:

If you can’t love the characters, just love the Game!

Basketball Space Filler copy

Please feel free to send missing Acronym and Phrases to the comment section below.  Thank you.