Gallinari May Start Tomorrow

The NY Post’s Marc Berman reports that D’Antoni is considering changes in the starting line up. Gallinari is at the top of the list for the starting unit after his shooting display.

“I’m always going to consider it,” D’Antoni said. “If we lose, I consider it. I stayed up all night thinking about it. I don’t know yet. I told them be prepared.”

I would suggest that putting Gallinari in the starting line up is not the answer.  Larry Brown is too smart to allow Gallo to sit on the tre line and take set shots.  Unless Gallo is aggressive and can make sure the ball moves toward the basket and not around the semi-circle he is not going to make the offense run much better.  D’Antoni would have more success setting the tone with Nate in the starting line-up.  Nate would do a far better job of upping the tempo.  For example he provides a perfect target for Lee’s quick inbound, outlet passes which initiate the primary break.  I submit that Gallo is not the answer. More significantly he is probably not in shape, yet, to run in this offense and play defense as a starter in back-to-backs.  Remember Philly is tomorrow and it is probably not a good idea to have three different starting units in the first three games.  If they plan on doing that and playing like they did last night, I will put there win total at 32 games.

Oh BTW, Cooley you were the first to give us the 411 on Douglas.  If you read my interview of Toney’s father, you will see that I gave ythe D.C. boys credit for focusing our attention on Douglas. But cuz, and I love you, I do not recall you saying that Douglas was going to push Duhon from the starting unit before I saw him during the summer league.

Oh BTW again, have you guys given up already.  I see that Shon, a newby, Prince, O&B and Tman are the only one’s with anything to say today.  I was waiting with baited breath to hear what the Fanatics had to say, but I’m going to stop by Posting and Toasting and read their shyte instead.