Game Day Links: Knicks v. Orlando Magic

The following links should help you prep for the game, although you might be thinking like me: if my team is not going to prep for the game, why should I?  Such a cynic.

Orlando Magic Dancers

The Magic held off Brandon Jennings and the Bucks (100-98) last night so maybe they are tired, road weary, tonight.  You can check out these recaps: ESPN and Third Quarter Collapse.

For tonight, I like the CBS Sports Preview of the Knicks-Magic game.

We need to invite these folks at the Bloguin Orlando Magic Blog, The Puns Are Starting To Bore Me, to the LBE.  As of this link-up, they don’t have a game preview, but they have some interesting insight on the Magic without Jameer Nelson plus today’s headline is in response to their blog header-title.