How Long Before D’Antoni Quits Or Is Fired?

by Peaceman

(Has Peaceman gone rogue in that Sarah Palin tradition? Maybe.  Or maybe he thought the attractiveness of the new digs or our recent Happy CoolHappy EmbarassedTongue out Celebration at our most recent past address  required no graffiti on the wall.  Whatever the reasoning, my main (Peace)man’s fanatical contrarian musings found a spot as a headliner at the old old Fanatics home in the name of “Keeping It Real.”  So here is the Peacman of old still in rogue.  Since he is suppressing this part of his personality for the good of the team (ROFLMAO), we might as well bring Uncle FesterAlone out of the closet and share him with the rest of the public.  Check it out.)



D'Antoni ShoutsCardiac Arrest- Chest Pain

Despite every effort to stay on a minumal positive note, we may have assembled the WORST KNICK TEAM
in the History of the KNICKERBOCKERS! If you had stomach enough to watch the preseason game against
Boston….yes, our worst nightmare has come to pass. This collective “Team” would not be favored to
win the NCAA Big Dance and even money would not be a bad bet that they would not win the NIT.

If you watched the Boston Game, you could see D’Antoni was three beats away from what is called
“Ventricular Fibulation” or in laymans terms …the same thing that happened to Marbury’s father two years ago!
I’m as die hard a Knick Fan for life as you who may be reading this, however, being a fan does not mean
I’m blind. Imagine watching the Boston rerun for 81 games this year? Imagine the Prozac you would
have to ingest to save your sanity? I believe even D’Antoni won’t be able to coach this plankton formation
until 2010. I don’t think his health will hold up or the memories of the Sun’s will help him this year.
Lebron James will not be coming to New York. If you want to save your sanity and believe that, fine!
Just be ready for a bigger meltdown as we finish last in the league and get the #1 draft pick that Utah
is drooling over, as James resigns with Cleveland. Walsh and D’antoni both need to go by mid season.
We need someone with a vision of hope. We need to see some light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel!
Most of all, we need someone to draft much better than what we did the last two years! Who will that person be?