Is Nate’s Dancing For The Stars At MSG A Problem?

If Video fails to show, check it out here.
I was not at the Garden last night, but I read that Nate’s dancing was televised on the jumbotron, or whatever you call it.  MSG’s marketing department has no problem commercializing or capitalizing on Nate’s youthful exuberance.  But the flip side is that his carefree nature seems to take a hit as unprofessional and lacking concern about the game.  In many circles, Duhon’s comments about pre-game goofing off was presumed to be directed at Nate, legendary for having a high fun-loving energy level.  Nate is not a somber, sober dude.  Assuming Duhon’s comments were directed at Nate, or redirected at Nate by the media, can the Knicks have it both ways?  Jump on the dude for his energy and approach to the game while exploiting it to sell tickets? Is there a time and place for dancing for the stars or do you just let the man do his thing the way he does his thing?

Nate Robinson Dancing

Nate The Great, Dancer