Knicks End Morning Shootarounds; Will It Help?

Mike D’Antoni has decided to end morning shootarounds on home game days because he thinks the extra time to rest (or do whatever) will be healthier for the players and allow them to better prepare to run his system.  Instead of getting to the Westchester facility by 10am for shootaround, now the players can get to work in Midtown Manhattan at 3:30pm to prepare for the game.

The morning shootaround has been employed by NBA teams since it was installed by Bill Sharmon in 1971. Although the Celtics have also decided to dispense with the monring shootaround, after looking at the causes of Danny Ainge’s recent heart attack, other teams like the championship contender Magic consider it a critical part of their game day preparation.  Their shootaround preparation is described as follows:

The Magic’s home shootarounds typically last about an hour-and-a-half and Van Gundy said the sessions allow him and his coaches to prepare their players specifically for that night’s opponent. Magic players usually spend about an hour on the court, with coaches devoting at least 45 minutes to go over that night’s defensive schemes. The other 15 minutes focus on Orlando’s offense.The team will watch 15 minutes of game film after they finish on the court. Then, the big men and perimeter players will meet separately to review the individual tendencies of the guys they’ll face that night.Don’t expect Orlando players to start lobbying for any changes to their routine.”I think we need the shootaround,” point guard Jameer Nelson said. “It gets guys out of the bed, gets them going. You have a routine. I think it helps us out during the course of our day.”

Any fitness or health nuts out there know which way is the right or winning way?