Knicks Fanatics Hot Links for 12/10/09

Let’s see, what’s hot this morning.

After four seasons, and despite their losing ways, the Knicks are no longer the most valuable NBA team according to Forbes — that honor belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers.  Poor Jim and the winning culture at MSG.

Neither Eddie Curry’s knee nor head are swollen at this point.  He is ready to play but he understands that he may be out D’Antoni’s tight rotation and he does not want to get in  it if he will hurt the teamDavid Lee and Larry Hughes have been thriving in the rotation recently. The Knicks are starting to look like professionals again — after all they are professionals and most of them, including Lee and Hughes, are playing for their next contract. Is there any wonder that Lee has improved and Hughes looks like a new man?

Many are attributing the new found winning ways to the absence of Nate in the rotation which to this blogger is a bit ridiculous notion if a coach knew how to maximize his strengths.  However, has anyone thought that benching Nate (and having Gallo appropriately come off the bench in favor of starting Harrington) finally showed the team that D’Antoni was committed to winning now and was ready to show it with discipline.  Now players know that those who are in line to play the way D’Antoni wants them to will play and others will sit. Additionally, sitting Gallo (after he contracted “jump-shooters elbow”) showed that D’Antoni was willing to be more fair about his favoritism. Opps, that sounds like an article and not just a link lead.  Sorry. Nate rumors are on the trading block; I’m not sure that Nate is however.

It appears that since the Knicks are doing better, as are D’Antoni and Danilo Gallnari, the team may be going to Italy after all for pre-season exhibitions next summer after they snag that coveted free agent.