Knicks Fanatics Nominated For “Rising Star” Award On Bloguin’s Birthday

Bloguin AwardsO.K., so it’s cool. The people at Bloguin have not been reading this blog.  It’s all good.  We’ve only been here since October 16th, twelve days to be exact, and they are clearly drunk from the birthday libations.  (Oh yeah, Bloguin turned One-Year old yesterday and the story of its growth to a 100 blog network in 365 days is worth the read for any person with a dream.)  Despite Bloguin’s quest for excellence and their great assistance in building this new home for us, it is really hard to believe they actually read what we write here because we at Knicks Fanatics have been nominated for Bloguin’s “Rising Star” award.  How does a newbie, foul-mouthed, irreverent, silly, feisty, obnoxious and perfume-soaked (to disguise the toxins) indie blog get nominated for a network award.  I assure you that I did not pay to play even-though I LivesInNewJersey.  I also assure you that I did not vote once or twice although I learned to vote in Chicago elections.

Nevertheless, although my momma said to knock you out, she also said always be gracious when someone speaks nicely of you, whether you think you deserve the complement or not.  So, we thank Bloguin for the kind recognition of nominating us for an award granted to “the blogger who hasn’t received a lot of notoriety from their blogging yet, but has a real talent for producing quality content and will no doubt be a star in the not-too-distant future.”   Ahhh.  That’s so sweet.  I understand that you can help determine who gets all the Bloguin awards by voting today or tomorrow in the public vote. If KnicksFanaticsblog wins, I think Peaceman should go pick up the reward.  Knowing how bad our voting habits are, seeing Peaceman accept an award just might get a few of us to vote.  Can you imagine my man with a half Marlon Brando-half Unibomber type of acceptance speech?

Anyway, thanks for the honor, but we just do what we do because we love to. (Send the honorarium to . . . . there is money attached to this award right?)

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BTW, note that Joe Crawford’s twitter feed was removed from the sidebar and replaced with Danilo Galllinari’s feed.  Clearly Gallo expects us to use the Google Translator to interpret what he is saying. Graci.