Knicks Hold On To Win Final Pre-Season Game

Knicks 94, Nets 92

Recap Box Score Play-By-Play Shot Chart Photos Conversation

1 2 3 4 T
NYK (5-2) 19 38 17 20 94
NJN (0-6) 19 20 36 17




The Knicks, who at one point were running away with this game, barely held on with their reserves to keep the New Jersey Nets winless for the pre-season.  See the video highlights here.

A few notes worthy:

The Knicks (9 steals and 4 blocks) will look much, much better this year defensively which can win them some extra games.  You can see and hear that they are talking and moving a lot on defense, although they still tend to roll out the red carpet and watch opponents fly through the lane wistfully.

Tony Douglas (6-9, 13 points) found his stroke and so did Chris Duhon (21 points including 3 buttery tres), who I maintain is suited largely for the 2 spot in this offense because of his penchant to throw the ball away and to avoid driving all the way to the hoop.

The Knicks had a lot of dead space in their offense, as in times when play was very sloppy and unproductive.

Galinari (2-8 with 7 points) looks nice when he hits that shot. Galinari looks bad when he misses full construction which he has done quite a bit this pre-season.  He always seems to draw a foul on his drives. At oen point he was the victim of a monster block as he got into his jumper.  Not a very fast release, but he is young and works hard.

Not a bad performance for the end of a back-to-back, even considering we played the lowly Nets.  We’ll be better than them this year.  How much better can they be with Devin Harris on the floor? I’m not sure.

This just in: Jared Jeffries made it through pre-season without any injuries although he was wacked pretty hard during ine lay-up

Wilson Chandler (headed towards Vince Carter-light status) was a little more aggressive; he went 4-5, scoring 11points, and grabbed six boards in 21 minutes.

Chris Douglas Roberts (CDR) is off the chainizzle. 26 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals.  And he looked even better off paper. Very active, strong, elusive and fearless.  Combined with Terrence Williams, Devon Harris and Robin Lopez , the Nets have a nice young nucleus.  Skip To My Lou looked o.k.   The Nets suffered his 4-11 shooting but with his 9 points, he had 8 assists, 4 rebounds and 1 turnover in 32 minutes.

Joe Crawford suffered a DNP and may be the causalty of Marcus Landry’s good play and Larry Hughes’ contract.

Check out the Live Blogging Event.  This time we made it through the entire game with production and commentary by Orange and Blue, JayBee, PostUp Prince and Tman.  We had a cameo greeting from our neighbor, DanL, at Knicksfanblog.  Orange and Blue has committed to producing and leading the season opener on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 7:30.  Hope to e-see you there.