Knicks Provide Extras For LeBron Show

Cavaliers 100, Knicks 91

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1 2 3 4 T
CLE (4-3) 40 23 14 23 100
NYK (1-5) 21 19 18 33 91

“It’s this building. This building’s very special.”— LeBron James

This was not so much a recruiting trip for James as it was a bad mental trip for the Knicks, whose next destination might be a psychiatrist’s couch.— Howard Beck, NYT

“We know what the fans want, and he knows that, too. So he came in and put on a show for them. And I guess we’ll wait to see what happens next summer.” — Al Harrington

“Honestly? All the press and all the hoopla about free agency that comes in July is starting to bother me. Because there’s an innuendo I don’t care about the players on this team. And that’s simply not true. And this is not a throwaway season, and I never said it was. So no, I don’t like it.” — Donnie Walsh

No one, not the MSM, not the Blogs, not the Yankees, wanted to talk about the New York Knicks’ performance last night.  No one really wanted to admit there was a basketball competition, because many considered it a celebration and audition — the celebration was for the Yankees and the possibility that LeBron James might choose to play for the Knicks.  The audition was the Knicks’ fans and celebrities auditioning for James in an

effort to show him how wonderful New Yorkers would be to him on a regular basis.

Lebron and Jared Jeffries

DOUBLE DRIBBLES: LeBron brought out all the heavy hitters at MSG and the LBE. Great Convo.  In the house were Lives, Orange and Blue, Peaceman, Tman, Jay, HarleminMD, Steady, Modi and Statesman.  We had a special appearance by Mookie of the award winning “A Stern Warning.”  It was great fun even in our misery.  Thanks for stopping by Mookie. . . . Query of the LBE. HarleminMD asked “[W]hy does breen keep saying that the Knicks are getting under cap AND remain competitive?? This team is the equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters opponent!”. . . . You can watch a replay, if you dare, of the ESPN nationally televised version of the Knicks v. Cavaliers game. I’m watching it now as I write these notes.  Knicks fans save biggest cheers for LeBron? Crazy. . . .Nate Robinson will not play tonight against Brandon Jennings. Out due to injury, he is expected back in the rotation sometime next week. . . .Eddie Curry reportedly has lost more weight than the 40lbs initially reported at the start of training camp. . . . Jonny Flynn outplayed Brandon Jennings in their first match-up as rookies, although Jennings overall stats have been better in this very early part of their careers. . . .

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