Let’s Rock And Roll

”This is our job. A lot of us are on our last contracts, and we want to win. ‘We want to make the city proud of the Knicks again.”

— Chris Duhon

The NBA Season starts tonight. The marquee game is the Celtics v. Cavaliers in Cleveland.  What a way to start the season, but on the other hand. . . .

OMG. Blake Griffin has a busted (stress fracture) knee cap and will miss the first six weeks.  That’s not only bad for the hard luck Clippers, it is horrible for fans who will miss an extraordinary talent.  It will be even worse if the fracture impacts his future hops.  He should return by the time the Clippers visit the Knicks at MSG on December 18th.

Perhaps the Knicks’ luck will change this season starting with the fact that Jared Jeffries will be able to start the season on the court instead of a hyperbolic chamber or cast.

With a little luck, we’re hoping this season keeps our attention more than last season did.  In fact, the past summer was more exciting than last season and this summer we did practically nothing — except draft Chris Duhon’s replacement which is not wholly insignificant.  Remember, we first told you during the summer that it is a matter of time before Toney Douglas eats up most of the minutes at the point.

So let’s get ready and do a little housekeeping before our first regular season game.


Regular Season Live Blogging begins tomorrow.  So far, the producers of the Live Blogs, to which everyone is invited, are me, Peaceman and Orange and Blue.  JayBee will eventually join us as a producer.  Anyone else who is interested please let me know.

We definitely need producers if we are going to provide you with a venue to talk about the games with each other during the games.  Between the three of us, we will not be able to Live Blog every game.  O&B has already indicated which games he can cover. He has suggested that we poll the Fanatics from time to time to determine which games should be Live Blogged when we have back-to-backs or a block of games close together.


As a part of the Bloguin family, we will participate in the Bloguin NBA Rankings.  Every two weeks or so, it is my responsibility to submit a ranking of the NBA teams.  I’m not going to front; I don’t watch enough NBA to rank all 30 teams every two weeks.  Sure, I read a lot but having me rank teams without seeing them is about as useful as having John Hollinger rank teams.  So if any of you want to help me with the team rankings, let me know.  All you will need to do is submit your rankings to me and I will add up all the votes and submit them.


Speaking of votes, I do have the winners of the Fanatic Dance/Spirit Team Competition but I have not found the time to pull the post of lovelies together yet.  I’ll tell you thet the top three were Sophia Loren, Rachel Welch and Pam Grier.  It was very clear that the Fanatical voters liked curvaceous women.  Hopefully, I’ll pull the team together before next Monday.


Tomorrow also marks a change in the Knicks blogging landscape as Newsday tries to adjust it’s financial model to meet the needs of the present.  In other words, access to Newsday’s on-line content will no longer be free and access to Knicks Fix will be restricted.

Yeah, Fixers, by now I’m sure most of you are aware of the pay wall Newsday.com is about to introduce on Wednesday:

For starters, as most of you already know, if you get Newsday home delivery or if you subscribe to Optimum Online, you will get free access to the entire site. If you don’t, I’m told you will get one courtesy look per day to one link — like the Grail Knight in Indiana Jones, choose wisely, Fixers (wink) — and anything after that will be a preview graph and a sign-in panel.

I understand there are concerns about this new model. But I hope you understand the direction our business is going in and, more importantly, I hope would would consider my work — the entire coverage, not just this blog — worth the price.

So, generally we welcome any folks from the Newsday blog who are interested in joining us in discussing the Knicks, NBA and anything else we feel like discussing.  Just be warned, the discussions around here aren’t for the faint of heart or soft of mind.  Fanboys are welcome, but they don’t get treated gingerly. LOL.


OK.  It’s time to add Auggie to the Fanatics for Life Listing.  Any objections?  Auggie?  Welcome to all newbies.  Brace yourself.

That’s It For Now. Let’s Rock and Roll.