Later today Bloguin will publish its second edition of the NBA Power Rankings which will be updated every two weeks. Although, I am a panelist I am interested in making this a bit of a Fanatics’ endeavor. After this edition, as often as possible and as time will permit, I would like to have community input on the power ranking offerings from this website. In the future, I will publish my preliminary selections here before I submit them and request input. Eventually, I may send a form to all of the Fanatics who want to participate to make it easier to tabulate the selections.

For now, here are my proposed rankings for the upcoming poll, followed by a short comment. Let me know how you would rank the teams at this point.


Preliminary NBA Power Ranking for Nov 11. 2009
Lakers 6-1 Still cream of the top until further notice
Celtics 8-1 A championship caliber all-star team
Suns 7-1 Running back to the good ole ways
Hawks 6-2 Dangerous when not lulled to mediocrity by one-on-one play
Cavaliers 5-3 Power boosted by original NBA Superman
Magic 6-3 Jump shooting their way downward
Blazers 6-3 Close loses to Denver, Houston and Atlanta suggests they need to learn to close out the tough ones.
Nuggets 6-3 Mr. Anthony gets serious about MVP race
Heat 6-1 They’ve beaten midling teams like Indiana, Chicago and Washington (twice)
Mavericks 5-3 Nowitzke keeps Dallas among elite
Rockets 5-3 Tough but not good enough to be considered amongst best without their stars
Spurs 4-3 Holding it down without all their stars
Raptors 4-4 No comment
Bulls 4-4 Only losses so far are to elite teams better than them and they were almost better than Denver.
Thunder 3-3 Growing, but still unfolding from fetal position
Pistons 4-4 Free agency paying dividends
Bucks 4-2 The Brandon Jennings “I AM IT” tour
Kings 3-4 No comment
76ers 4-4 Establishing a new slower Brand is still a problem for this running squad.
Jazz 3-5 Sloan keeps them from being downgraded this time
Bobcats 3-5 No comment
Hornets 3-6 A waste of Chris Paul’s effort
Clippers 3-5 Winners of the bad luck sweepstakes
Pacers 3-4 Pitiable Pacers on win streak against the pitiful
Wizards 2-6 Arenas needs help soon to end free fall
Warriors 2-5 According to Jackson this is officially a wardrobe malfunction – seeking new colors
Timberwolves 1-8 Flynn keeps them a notch above the worst
Knicks 1-8 If Lebron is coming, this is what Hell looks like before it freezes over.
Grizzlies 1-8 Had the wrong Answer to the winning question.
Nets 0-8 So far down they don’t need a safety net.