Here we Go Again.  Champion Miami Heat Dancers Get Our Season Started Right (Sorry Knickettes, We Love You Too. See our banner)Champion Miami Heat Dancers Get Our Season Started Right. The season starts for the Knicks in Miami on October 28th when our beloved team faces Dwayne Wade, Michael Beasley, Jermaine O’Neal and Mario Chalmers of the Heat, the 5th seed (43-39) in last year’s Eastern Conference Playoffs. This will be an exciting time as any mention of the Heat gives us an appropriate reason to boost our own ratings by pumping the Heat’s Championship dance team. Lawdy, lawdy Miss Mawdy: when the opposition cheerleaders look that good, it makes you want to cheer with them, after them, near them. . . .O.K., I digress with my poorly placed heterosexual humor. LOL.

Our first home game is the second of a back-to-back also against a playoff squad, the speedy 76ers (41-41) with a revamped roster (Andre Miller is gone) including rookie Jrue Holiday, AI (Iggy) and Sam Dalembert. Elton Brand doesn’t fit on this team but it looks like he’ll still be there. LGK.

Including our home opener, the Knicks play 18 back-to-back games with the second end against teams such as the Bucks (Brandon Jennings), Boston (twice), Orlando, Portland, Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, New Jersey (twice) and Washington.

The Knicks’ first ten games include battles against six playoff teams: Miami, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Cleveland, Utah and Atlanta.

Interestingly, ESPN is scheduled to show 5 Knicks contests.

Knicks fans get to see plenty of stars and potential free agents at MSG including Chris Paul (November 2), LeBron James (November 6), Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce (November 22), Dwight Howard (November 29), Blake Griffin (December 18), Derrick Rose (December 22 and February 17), Dwayne Wade (December 27th and April 11th) and Kobe (January 22).

Upcoming Games
October Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Wed 28 @ Miami 7:30pm
Fri 30 @ Charlotte 7:00pm
Sat 31 vs Philadelphia 7:30pm
November Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Mon 02 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
Wed 04 vs Indiana 7:30pm
Fri 06 vs Cleveland 8:00pm
Sat 07 @ Milwaukee 8:30pm
Mon 09 vs Utah 7:30pm
Wed 11 vs Atlanta 7:30pm
Fri 13 vs Golden State 7:30pm
Wed 18 @ Indiana 7:00pm
Sat 21 @ New Jersey 1:00pm
Sun 22 vs Boston 1:00pm
Tue 24 @ LA Lakers 10:30pm
Wed 25 @ Sacramento 10:00pm
Fri 27 @ Denver 9:00pm
Sun 29 vs Orlando 6:00pm
December Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Tue 01 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
Wed 02 @ Orlando 7:00pm
Fri 04 @ Atlanta 7:30pm
Sun 06 vs New Jersey 12:00pm
Mon 07 vs Portland 7:30pm
Fri 11 @ New Orleans 8:00pm
Tue 15 @ Charlotte 7:00pm
Thu 17 @ Chicago 8:00pm
Fri 18 vs LA Clippers 8:00pm
Sun 20 vs Charlotte 7:30pm
Tue 22 vs Chicago 7:30pm
Fri 25 vs Miami 12:00pm
Sun 27 vs San Antonio 6:00pm
Tue 29 @ Detroit 7:30pm
Wed 30 @ New Jersey 7:30pm
January Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Fri 01 @ Atlanta 7:30pm
Sun 03 vs Indiana 6:00pm
Thu 07 vs Charlotte 7:30pm
Sat 09 @ Houston 8:30pm
Mon 11 @ Oklahoma City 8:00pm
Wed 13 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm
Fri 15 vs Toronto 8:00pm
Sat 16 @ Detroit 7:30pm
Mon 18 vs Detroit 1:00pm
Fri 22 vs LA Lakers 8:00pm
Sun 24 vs Dallas 1:00pm
Tue 26 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
Thu 28 vs Toronto 7:30pm
Sat 30 @ Washington 8:00pm
Sun 31 @ Minnesota 7:00pm
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Wed 03 vs Washington 7:30pm
Fri 05 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm
Sat 06 @ Cleveland 7:30pm
Tue 09 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
Tue 16 @ Chicago 8:00pm
Wed 17 vs Chicago 7:30pm
Sat 20 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
Mon 22 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm
Tue 23 @ Boston 7:30pm
Fri 26 @ Washington 7:00pm
Sat 27 vs Memphis 7:30pm
March Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Mon 01 @ Cleveland 7:00pm
Wed 03 vs Detroit 7:30pm
Fri 05 @ Toronto 7:00pm
Sat 06 vs New Jersey 7:30pm
Mon 08 vs Atlanta 7:30pm
Wed 10 @ San Antonio 8:30pm
Fri 12 @ Memphis 8:00pm
Sat 13 @ Dallas 8:30pm
Mon 15 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm
Wed 17 @ Boston 7:30pm
Fri 19 vs Philadelphia 7:30pm
Sun 21 vs Houston 1:00pm
Tue 23 vs Denver 7:30pm
Fri 26 @ Phoenix 10:00pm
Mon 29 @ Utah 9:00pm
Wed 31 @ Portland 10:00pm
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Fri 02 @ Golden State 10:30pm
Sun 04 @ LA Clippers 9:30pm
Tue 06 vs Boston 7:30pm
Wed 07 @ Indiana 7:00pm
Fri 09 @ Orlando 7:00pm
Sun 11 vs Miami 6:00pm
Mon 12 vs Washington 7:30pm