Should Nate Robinson, Wilson Chandler or Harrington Start?



Tuesday, October 20, 2009  9:24am

What do you think fanatics and friends?  D’Antoni is still considering what group of players to include in the starting unit.  It appears that David Lee and Chris Duhon are definitely inked in as starters for the beginning of the season leaving the other three slots open.  Wilson Chandler is likely the third starter which leaves the final two spots to Al Harrington, Nate Robinson, Danilo Galinari and Jared Jeffries.  D’Antoni has already said that he is not starting Milicic, so expect to see either David Lee or Jared Jeffries play the 5.  Harrington has made it clear that he believes he should be in the starting line up.

One Beat suggests that Harrington is the team’s most complete player (which I think is false), but the trith of the matter is that Harrington is practically defenseless and is as much of a black hole as the pre-D’Antoni Zach Randolph (yes, he is probably a black hole as a Grizzlie but for a hot-minute he did well in []’Antoni’s system).  The ball does not move as well with Harrington in the line-up and Harrington does not race up the court with consistency. He can score though. But he doesn’t fit as well.  In my opinion, Nate Robinson is the most complete and dangerous talent on the Knicks and the most important one to []’Antoni’s system.  If D’Antoni wants to get off to a strong up-tempo start, he will begin the games with Nate Robinson and Jared Jeffries, in my opinion.

D’Antoni has admitted, as I advised during the summer, that Galinari is a rookie and needs to be brought along as such, so don’t expect him in the starting lineup until later, like the all-star break.

Assuming that Chris Duhon, David Lee, Wilson Chandler and Jared Jeffries are in the starting unit, do you think that Nate Robinson or Al Harrington should start? If you think that there will be a different unit entirely let us know what it will be and why. I look forward to hearing why Jared Jeffries should be coming off the bench.