Thinner Curry Back At Practice/Crawsome Back in Garden With Winners

Tonight, old Knicks, one a former Knick, come to the Garden sporting new looks. I am sure that you have heard by now that Eddie Curry looks svelte — thinner than a “Skinny Cow” — compared to the 350 pound contract that fans have come to loath and compare to Jerome James.  See his phenomenal physical transformation yourself in the following video from (The KnicksBlog).

Here is where I must give Donnie Walsh a compliment, albeit with my backhand side. Finally, someone has taken it upon himself to make sure that Eddie Curry gets into shape. Given the recent trauma in Eddie’s life (is much worse than losing a child?), coupled with his previously apparent lack of motivation, that could not have been an easy task.  Leaving Eddie to his own devices those previous summers obviously did not work well. Remember the picture of Eddie’s locker a couple of years ago where he was discussing his diet and regimen with a candy bar at the bottom of the locker. That’s the Eddie we remember. This new Eddie, who came to training camp at 317 pounds and worked hard to lose even more weight, should be applauded for what has to be a new mindset. And Donnie must be applauded for forcing it to happen, finally.

However, it is slightly, and only slightly, curious that fans are expecting anything from Curry’s return anytime soon. This man has not played NBA speed ball (or real practice ball) in over a year. He is not in basketball shape. While different folks develop at different speeds, it is no secret that the regular season schedule prohibits using practices to get into shape quickly. Eddie must be on the floor and he is not likely to look good from the beginning. But, if he blocks one shot in his first five minutes, like we know he can and saw him do when he was HUGE, in the Big Mac sense, there will be hope. If he is really good, maybe we’ll keep him. But the reality is that Walsh needs him to be really good in order to trade him. So watch ECity come along slowly so that he does not hurt himself and the team’s chances of dumping the contract on an anxious buyer.

Another transformation we expect to see is that of the much-maligned Jamal Crawford who has finally joined a group of players capable of playing playoff basketball.  The Hawks enter the Mecca with a 5-2 record and Jamal is thriving as their sixth man, a lethal scoring threat and three point option.  In the Hawks last victory, Jamal played  starter minutes (38) off the bench and produced 25 points (8-15 shooting, 8-8 ft), four boards, four assists.  Crawford, who is averaging 18 points on 49% shooting (only 27% from tre-land), 3 assists and 2 boards in 30 minutes per game, has been loving Atlanta where he gets to spend more time during the season with his son.  He also has been receiving much Crawsome love from the community and his new coach.  

Jamal as Hawk
A few days ago, after he scored 27 in a victory against Portland and his boy Brandon Roy, Jamal joined the HawkWeb Guy for a live chat at the Hawks’ official blog. There was not much new in the interview, except that Craw is definitely settling into his new digs and trying to find his role.

Knowing NateGR8, he really does not want to miss being out on the court again with his ace, especially as an opponent so expect to see him suit up with hopes of getting back into the rotation.