Anthony Randolph, The Knicks’ Secret Weapon

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Credit to (Big C) who states:“David who?” That’s what Knicks fans will say after they witness the skills of Anthony Randolph. Sorry David Lee fans, but Donnie Walsh got a steal when he traded David Lee for Anthony Randolph. Donnie Walsh acquired Randolph like a thief in night. This will certainly make other GMs wonder, “How did he pull that off?”


Anthony has the dribbling ability of a point guard. At 6’10” he can dribble between two defenders and push the ball up the floor. Whether his man is trying to apply pressure or not. It’s no problem. His ball control is top notch.

Even though he likes to go left he can dribble with his left or right hand. His handling is a skill that some point guards at the NBA level still have not mastered. Randolph has the ability to dribble between his legs, behind his back, going left and right, and use his killer crossover to leave his man dazed.


Randolph can take almost any opponent off the dribble. Whether he’s using his jab step or his crossover dribble, he can get it done. He also has a nice baseline shot from midrange that he uses when his opponents play the drive.

His mid-range shot is good and he can post up. While on the flip side, he is limited to shooting from the midrange area and he needs to get stronger if he wants to be taken seriously in the low box.

The bulk of his game is based on pure speed and athletic ability. His first step off the dribble allows him a hard cover for anyone. Not to mention, if you can’t stop him off the dribble then defending him is a long shot.

Once he’s up in the air for a dunk or a layup just consider it an automatic point. You name any superstar player and he will tell you that it is impossible to stop Randolph once he is up for the dunk. The best strategy for anyone guarding him is to just foul him. He is a monster on the break and he can handle the fastbreak all by himself.


This is an area he needs to work on. Even though he is a gifted passer he does not always share the ball. This can be a problem at times.


Anthony Randolph is one of the better defenders in the league. On defense he is the new Marcus Camby. He has the ability to get 2 blocks a game and 1 steal, plus he can guard 4 positions (pg, sg, sf, pf) . However, he has a tough time dealing with players that are bigger and stronger than him.

So if you are wondering if he can he play the center position full time, the answer is no. I don ‘t think he is ready for that just yet. He needs to bulk up and gain weight for that to happen.

The main thing that is stopping Randolph from being a superstar is his decision making. A player can have all the skills in the world but if their decision making is poor they will not achieve their goals. That is the difference between someone like Dwyane Wade and Ricky Davis. They both are skilled players, however only one is considered a top player in this game.

Too many times I have seen Randolph take the wrong shot or make the wrong move. However, he has the mind not to stop until he becomes one of the best players in the league. At age 21 Randolph has a large amount of time to improve.

Will Randolph become the next Kevin Garnett, Marcus Camby, or Lamar Odom? I say yes, if he can improve his decision making on the court. It’s all up to him.

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