Anti-Knicks: A Website Dedicated To Keeping LeBron out of New York

In the midst of our upcoming collaboration with Brendan Bowers of  Stepien Rules, an excellent Cleveland Cavalier Blog, I ran into this website,, dedicated to keeping LeBron out of New York.  The movement includes the selling of the pictured T-Shirt. LOL. We should probably order a few as collectors’ items.

LeBron is constantly showing the world why he is so coveted by his home team and would be home-breakers like the Knicks.  The following video, featured on both Stepien Rules and, of a very unique LeBron dunk is just mind-boggling.  Wouldn’t you like to see him bounce it off the Empire State Building?  In fact that reminds me of the MJ-Bird commercial where they were playing H-O-R-S-E from all over the place including the Sears Tower for a Big Mac.  Since he just signed his endorsement deal with McDonald’s, you can imagine LeBron playing against himself  but probably without camera tricks. LOL.