KFB April Hot links Volume #1

Whaddsup Fanatics?  It’s a Hot Links weekend.  Here is some nice reading material for the weekend.
Knicks Links
Another regular season is almost over and for a third year in a row the Knicks (28-51) have produced a 50-loss season (in 2006-07 the Knicks were 33-49).   Two of those seasons are owned by Donnie Walsh and Mike  D’Antoni.   However, some suggest that they should not be criticized for bad management decisions and bad coaching because the past two years are not their fault but that of the previous regime and the players who have come and gone for the past two years.   However, Knickerblogger.net, in The Honeymoon is Over D’Antoni, Part I, is one of those willing to look at the details insteatd of the general party line to understand that the problems that exist now are not necessarily resolved by cap space and free agents.  While D’Antoni is not doing too well, he thinks Nate McMillan deserves the Coach of the Year Award (Wendell Maxey at Beyond The Beat, Bloguin).  D’Antoni also thinks that obtaining his point guard Chris Duhon and depending on Duhon for his own success was the right move. D’Antoni will not throw Duhon under the bus although he probably does not expect him to return.  In the Post, Duhon admits his stint was not successful and he finally reveals that he chose New York over Orlando because he was going to start here and he was offered to back-up Jameer Nelson in Orlando.  When Duhon was given the full mid-level exception to come to New York, it was revealed that D’Antoni offered him the starting job too.  Later Knicks brass lied and denied that he was offered the starting job and then suggested that Marbury was going to be given a fair chance to compete for the position.  The faux competition started in training camp before D’Antoni told Marbury he was not part of the team’s future and then tried to convince him to come back and play after losing guards to trades and medical conditions. Duhon helped make D’Antoni’s stay a disaster but D’Antoni will not say that.
There are still those who believe D’Antoni’s coaching fortunes will change because LeBron will come New York.  That includes the new “ESPN New York” which was recently launched and immediately started pandering to the emotions of the multi-borough crowd by devoting an entire piece to Cleveland is the second best choice for LeBron. Hopefully, LeBron thinks differently than Manu Ginobli and Kobe Bryant who had no attraction to New York and signed extensions to stay with their current team.
These days the talk is that the Knicks’ present “shell of a star,” Tracy McGrady came to New York not ready for prime time and he will not be with the Knicks next year. Now everyone understands why the Rockets did not want to sacrifice its team so that McGrady can have game condition physcal therapy something the Knicks were willing to provide him in exchange for cap space.  If McGrady’s comeback is successful (and the great ones must believe they can come back against all odds) he should be very thankful to the Knicks for donating valuable court and rookie development time to his rehabilitation.  McGrady’s gratitude already extends to former Knick Marcus Camby as explained by Maxey in McGrady Learned from Camby

Competitive Fire

Is it possible that March Madness stoked the competitive fire from the White House to the House of Pain.   Clark Kellogg learned how competitive President Obama, fresh from his historical health care victory, in a game of POTUS (HORSE).  Meanwhile, we are given a laugh offering courtesy of Ball Don’t Lie from Right Arm Productions, in which LeBron James engages in mortal combat against Brad Pitt — Beware the “adopted baby throw” and the “basketball cannon.” They are lethal weapons.

I have tired of the Tiger Woods stories but have gotten caught up a little in the Masters Hoopla as I try to understand the media reaction.  One thing that is clear is that whatever you think of Tiger Woods and  his brand of infidelity, his situation has just provided great source material for all types of content.  This is not exactly a competition, but Deadspin, on the case, has compiled the best video parodies of Tiger’s newest commercial  which features his dad’s voice talking to him.  Some of the voice over replacements are hilarious, absolutely hilarious. See a Roundup Of Zombie Earl Woods Commercial Parodies (LOTS MORE UPDATES). Thanks for the laughs Tiger.

Bloguin’s own competition committee (just kidding) convened and attempted to solve the problems with the NBA draft and Tyreke Evans joins in some trick shot, and a totally unnecessary ROY campaign as though he really needs to convince somebody he is more deserving than Jonny Flynn, Stephon Curry and  Brandon Jennings.


Blocked Shots

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