Author of “LeBron’s Dream Team” Guesses That LeBron”s Dreams Of Playing In New York Will Come True

LeBron's Dream Team

With the prospect that tonight may be LeBron’s last game in Cleveland as a Cavalier, and July 1st drawing nearer, the temperature is rising as everyone starts to offer their opinion, wishes or prayers on the topic. There is a wonderfully exhaustive post at NY Knicks Beat advocating LeBron’s defection to the Orange and Blue. (One blogger perceptively wrote that this post shows LeBron needs a restraining order against some NY fans but it is a thorough blueprint for true believers).  But the most non-committal opinion of someone who believes (sorta, kinda) that LeBron will be a Knick is Buzz Bissinger the author of the book on “LeBron’s Dream Team. His word should carry some weight since he has spent so much time with LeBron, but if it does it is lightweight because he admittedly says nothing that we don’t already know.  But still, this is what Buzz had to day:

McNeill: LeBron’s love for Ohio shone through in this book. If you were a gambling man, where would you put the odds of him re-signing with Cleveland?
Bissinger: LeBron does love Ohio. He loves playing in Cleveland and he loves Akron. Like everyone else, I have asked LeBron what he is going to do and he has flashed me that exquisite smile. I am not privy to any special information, but my gut tells me he will leave the Cavaliers whether they win the NBA championship or not. He has aspirations beyond basketball. He wants to be a billion dollar athlete. He likes challenges and bright lights. There is nothing like New York and the goal of making the Knicks champions again is an incredible one. So I say he goes to the Knicks, IF THEY GET THE RIGHT SUPPORTING CAST. And as you know that’s a big “if” when it comes to the Knicks. LeBron would own New York in a way that no athlete has ever owned it, except maybe for Reggie Jackson after game six of the 1977 World Series when he hit three home runs, and as we know the love affair did not last forever. It would be exciting as hell to watch and I think LeBron would luxuriate in it. But as you say he also loves Ohio, so it is going to be a very difficult decision and I don’t think he has come close to making it yet. And remember, the most important value in LeBron’s life is loyalty. Still, I say he goes. But once again, if anybody out there is a betting man, bet against