Azubuike Says He’s Two Weeks Away

The New York Post is reporting that Kelenna Azubuike, who engaged in a four-on-four yesterday, believes he is 1-2 weeks away from full-time practice.

“It’s about that time. It’s getting really close. I smell it. A couple of more scrimmages under my belt, get plays down more and I’ll be good to go. It’s just a matter of time.”

“My goal is to come back 100 percent. I’m not worried. At first, I was. Now I feel myself progressing. That’s the main thing. I feel I’m getting better. If I felt stagnant and felt I was not getting better. I’d be discouraged.”


The Knicks could certainly use a three point shooter with a 41% success rate and the willingness and ability to take the ball to the glass.  Pre-injury Azubuike may have been that man; post-injury it remains to be seen what he can bring to the table.  We can only hope.