Beyonce and Lady Gaga Promote Video Phones Better Than Knicks Do The NBA: Another Scantily Clad Random Distraction From A Bad Season

I was stunned when I saw this video my pre-teen was watching intently.  I immediately started to tell her to pick up the remote and turn the channel because lord knows I did not want to see her trying to imitate Beyonce’s wardrobe and bouncy moves.  But I hope she didn’t hear my jaw crash to the floor as I became mesmerized by the sheer “talent” (not the sheer panty hose) of the dancers.  The video had been over for five minutes before I could pull it together and suggest turning it off.  For the next twenty minutes, I sat at my computer trying to contrive a Knicks related reason to post the video here. But it eventually dawned on me that I could post whatever the hell I wanted for whatever reason I made up.  So forget that Beyonce visits the Garden every once in a while with her boo JayZ or that she was wearing Knicks orange with a blue gun in the last scene, this video is being posted because this is a major talent in motion loved by Fanatics all over the world.  Together, Beyonce and Lady Gaga do more for video phones than the Knicks do for NBATV or the Mike D’Antoni show.  So let’ just enjoy an energized and skillful performance at least once this season.  You Go Girl.  LGK.

Enjoy the Superbowl fanatics.