Big Toronto Game Has Playoff Implications

Tonight the hot Knicks (13-9) take on the Toronto Raptors (8-13) in a game that can have playoff implications should the Knicks and Raptors need a conference tie breaker.  Thus far, the Knicks have beaten the Raptors twice, 98-93 in the first game of the season and  116-99 on December 5th.  A win in the Garden tonight will guarantee the Knicks the edge against a Raptor team giving them a edge in the head-to-head wins tiebreaker which applies if they have identical won-lose records.  So far that looks like a long shot as the Raptors are on a two game losing streak after getting spanked by the Pacers 124-100 two nights ago. The Raptors do have more talent than there record suggests however. The Knicks more significantly need to add this win to their record to give them a cushion from a treacherous looking schedule up ahead.

Knicks v. Raptors

We intend to have an LBE tonight, so look out for the Viewer Window to be placed on the website before the game.  I hope you can stop by for another fun evening.