Bloguin’s 2009-2010 Final MVP Rankings; The Winners Are. . .


The Bloguin Choice has been made; the “Chosen One” has been chosen.  As expected the Bloguin family of basketball blogs paid homage to LeBron James in its final vote for NBA Most Valuable Player.  LeBron received 138 of a possible 140 points, which means the selection was unanimous.  Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, who both had exceptional seasons, received one first place vote each. Nevertheless, LeBron was the runaway favorite.  Kevin Durant was the second favorite among the Bloguin crew with 119 votes.

For the final vote, the panelists included the following distinguished bloggers: Don, With Malice; Jeff, The Hoops Manifesto; Pace J. Miller, Pacers Pulse; Jeff Garcia, Project Spurs; College Wolf, TWolves Blog, Mookie, A Stern Warning; Kirk Lammers, Curse of Cleveland; Sean Francois, HoopsHeadsNorth; Brendan Bowers, Stepien Rules; Zach Harper, Talk Hoops; Gene Zarnick, Favre Dollar Footlongs; Sheed, BustaBucket; David Franzoni, Blueblitz; and Lives (me) of Knicks Fanatics Blog.

Voters were asked to rank their top ten MVP selections.  In all, 22 players received at least one vote which seems to speak well of the quality of individual balling this past regular season.  Among those who did not make the final 10 cut were Amare Stoudimire, Joe Johnson, Manu Ginobli, Tim Duncan and Chauncey Billups.  Those who received a single vote at the final spot on a bloggers list included Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer.

The most interesting ballot amongst the bloggers was that of scholar Mookie of A Stern Warning.  He identified several ballers not recognized by most other voters.  After selecting Kobe Bryant over LeKing as the MVP for 2010, Mookie selected Manu Ginobli, who had a stellar year, at the 6th spot followed by Chauncey Billups (7th), and Andrew Bogut (8th) above Steve Nash (9th) and Deron Williams (10th).

Only LeBron, Kobe and Durant graced all of the ballots. Tim Duncan made three ballots and Zach Randolph received 10th place votes on two of them.

At the end of the day, or the season, it was clear that the LeBron James was the most valuable player in the NBA.  He was a statistical phenom averaging 32 points per game (2d best in the league), 7.3 rebounds per game and 6.5 assist per game (Ranks 6th in NBA). He was also 2nd n free throws made, 1st in field goals made and 10th in steals.  His play was spectacular and he capably ran the point position when the team was shorthanded while leading the Cavs to the best record in the league.

Congratulations and thanks to LeBron for an enjoyable season.







This should clearly be a clean sweep.  Anyone that puts someone else first is just being obnoxious.(College Wolf, TWolves Blog)
Undoubtedly the best player in the NBA all season long. Unstoppable offensively, timely and focused defensively, .and he lead his team to 61 wins and the best record for the second straight season. (Kirk Lammers, Curse of Cleveland)
Yes, I’m a Lakers fan.  But that doesn’t make me blind to the body of work LeBron’s put in this season.  But would I prefer him in my team for the playoffs?  No. (Don, With Malice)


Kevin Durantula

Kevin Durant

Close to winning it, but there should be many more opportunities to come in his career.  Clearly the Fantasy NBA player of the year, if that’s any consolation. (College Wolves, TWolves Blog)
Over the last month, OKC have dropped off a bit… but not KD.  He’s been amazing, and deserved the scoring title.  However, I can’t see him going past rd 1 of the playoffs. (Jeff Fox, The Hoops Manifesto)
Portland, you still good with that Oden pick?  Sorry, that was uncalled for. (Brendan Bowers, Stepien Rules)



There is no player in the league with a better combination of ability to drill game-winning shots, veteran leadership, uncanny scoring ability, defensive lock-down ability on a one-on-one basis and just flat-out scariness to opponents.(Mookie, A Stern Warning)
Ughghghghghghghg (College Wolf, TWolves Blog)
It’s been a rough season (to a degree) for the Lakers, but Kobe’s had an amazing season.  I know who I’d take on my team in the playoffs… (Don, With Malice)


Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard


There is no more forceful presence in the league on the defensive end or in the paint. Simple. (Mookie, A Stern Warning)
Not since David Robinson have we seen power and athleticism in the paint. Led the NBA in double-doubles. (Jeff Garcia,Project Spurs)
He doesn’t get his due sometimes, but most of that blame can go to his own teammates and coach, who don’t seem to think he’s even the first option offensively. (Kirk Lammers, Curse of Cleveland)


Dwayne Wade

Dwyane Wade

Carried an otherwise lottery-bound Heat squad to fifth in the East with unbelievable effort. It reminds me of LBJ’s role in 2006-2007 when team made Finals in weaker East. (Kirk Lammers, Curse of Cleveland)
Has anyone else in the NBA done more with less this season? (College Wolf, TWolves Blog)
The Heat aren’t a contender, but D-Wade is still one of the best players in the league. (Pace J. Miller, Pacers Pulse).

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Bloguin’s 2009-2010 Final MVP Rankings; The Winners Are. . .

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