Bloguin Group Selects Ten Greatest Knicks Of All Time

Walt Frazier: The Greatest Knick of All Time?

Frazier is 3d According To The Bloguin Folks. Is that right?


Jeff Fox at Hoops Manifesto has been diligently feeding our need for basketball stuff over the summer.  His major project has been marshaling the Bloguin forces to vote for the ten greatest players for every NBA  Team.  He has done a fantastic job.  Earlier this week it was the New York Knicks turn and the Bloguin crew came up with some intriguing results which were revealed in Top Ten New York Knicks of All-Time.

The voting panel consisted of a distinguished crew: Jeff Fox from The Hoops Manifesto, College Wolf from the TWolves Blog; Don from With Malice, Philip from Orlando Magic Daily, Diego from Leaving It All On The Court and LIVES from Knicks Fanatics. (other Fanatics were invited but did not vote).

As always these type of selections are leads to great disagreement and debate.  Although some of my fave bloggers are included on the voting panel and I agreed with most selections, I had Patrick Ewing third behind Frazier and Reed.  As a New York fan, I respect those championships a bit more than individual achievements. What do you think about Bloguin’s selection for top ten?

1) Patrick Ewing – New York Knicks – 1985 – 2000
2) Willis Reed – New York Knicks – 1964 – 1974
3) Walt Frazier – New York Knicks – 1967 – 1977
4) Earl Monroe – New York Knicks – 1971 – 1980
5) Dave DeBusschere – New York Knicks – 1968 – 1974

6) Bernard King – New York Knicks – 1982 – 1985, 1986 – 1987
7) Charles Oakley – New York Knicks – 1988 – 1998
8) Harry Gallatin – New York Knicks – 1948 – 1957
9) Allan Houston – New York Knicks – 1996 – 2005
10) Bill Bradley – New York Knicks – 1967 – 1977

Contrast and compare with my selections:

1. Walt Frazier “Clyde” personified cool on and off the court. The orchestrator of two NBA Championship teams, Frazier, a seven-time all-star, played in 93 post-season contests during his career as a Knick. He is Mr. Knick and although he was from Illinois he is New York thru and thru.

2. Willis Reed “The Captain” hailed from a great program at the storied Grambling from which he brought his dignity and a work ethic and intensity that makes him one of the favorite Knicks ever. His two championships only punctuated a career in which he faced great centers when the NBA had great centers.

3. Patrick Ewing – Only a pesky Championship keeps “The Big Fella” from being higher on my list of Knicks greats. He defined what a Knick was and should be for 15 seasons reflecting both the old school work ethic and a respect for the city which he gave 13 straight playoff seasons. Willis Reed says Patrick was a greater Knick than him. Frazier picked Reed over Ewing. What a dilemma.

4. Dave Debusshure One of the greatest defenders in NBA history, he was nicknamed “The Hammer” which reflected a work ethic that made him a five time all-star and six time all defense 1st teamer. One of the 50 greatest ballers in NBA history, the Knicks never missed a playoff series with him on the team and won two NBA Championships. And he was a helluva pitching prospect for a team – Chicago White Sox — that played a couple of miles from where I grew up.

5. Earl Monroe – “Black Jesus” or Earl “The Pearl” Monroe was a star when he came to the Knicks and sublimated his creative game for the sake of the team he played for during nine seasons which included 57 post-season games including the 1973 Championship.

6. Bill Bradley Nicknamed “Dollar Bill” for once being the highest paid Knick ever, this Ivy Leaguer, Rhodes Scholar, Hall of Famer spent his entire career with the Knicks playing in eight consecutive playoff s and two NBA championships.

7. Bernard King – He doesn’t have the record nor the longevity of some of the other selections, but during his almost four seasons with the Knicks his shooting pyrotechnics kept Knick fandom engaged as he was a two time all-star (1984 and 1985) and led the league in scoring. His shot was butter and his injury robbed us of a union with Patrick Ewing.

8. Harry Gallatin – Known as “Henry the Horse” and “Farmer Gallatin” he played in 610 consecutive games and 57 postseason contests during his nine years as a Knick. A 6’6” center, her was known for his tenacity and was an excellent rebounder. Also the Knicks first draft choice ever when the Knicks were part of the BAA.

9. Dick McQuire – “Mr Outside” played eight seasons with the Knicks and appeared in  five all-star games and fifty-one post season games from 1950 to 1955.

10. Charles Oakley – One of the greatest enforcers in Knicks history, he teamed with Ewing to form the toughest front court in the NBA at the time. During his ten years with the Knicks, they never missed the playoffs.

What are your top ten?