Bloguin’s Latest MVP/ROY Rankings Are Out

Check out the new  Bloguin NBA MVP/ROY Voting, Volume 3 by Jeff Fox at  Hoops Manifesto. This round of voting was conducted by: Jeff Fox of Hoops Manifesto, Mookie from A Stern Warning, College Wolf from TWolves Blog, Gene Zarnick of Favre Dollar Footlongs, Michael De Leon from Project Spurs, Ezellion from The Blue Blitz, Zach Harper of, Lives from Knicks Fanatics, Sean Francois of Hoops Heads North and Don from With Malice.

The top four candidates, in order, according to the panel are: 1. LeBron; 2.Durant; 3. Kobe; and 4. Carmelo.
After watching Kevin Durant dismantle the Knicks in crunch time and watching Carmelo Anthony just pop that “J” over LeKing, perhaps we shouldn’t be so sure that the Chosen One should be the one chosen for this honor.   Who do you think the top four, in order, MVP leaders are at this point in the season?  Holler at us.


BTW, check out the new additions to our Vodpod Video Library. The Hitler on McGrady clip is worth a couple of chuckles at least.