Bloguin’s NBA Power Rankings: The Home Stretch

NBA Power Ranking

Bloguin has published it’s NBA power rankings again; this time on the new collaborative NBA Blog, As expected the Cavs and Lakers hold the #1 and #2 spots respectively.  Once again NBA fans are expecting a Hollywood v. Rock and Roll Hall of  Famers final, but after watching the mighty fall in the NCAA tourney, b-ball fans must be a little skittish, don’t you think.

Quite frankly, at this point the only teams with any real power are the 18 going into the playoffs and the one team (either the Bulls or the Raptors) that has a real chance to make the playoffs. The others just have enough left in the tank to be spoilers or just plain rotten.  The Knicks moved up one spot in Bloguin members’ hearts which fits since we’ve stopped being “just plain rotten” when Toney Douglas took over the point guard duties.