Boom Shackalackin’ “The Boom Tho Movement”

As I was traveling the blogosphere early this morning, looking for new, interesting and unusual stuff, I ran into a video which had me in stitches.  The only problem is that it was promoting the “Boom Tho Movement” which I had never ever heard of and with such an esoteric name sounded more like a potential threat to homeland security than anything related to sports blogging.  But after a couple of clicks which took me to Facebook and  www.toomuchrodbenson, I was advised that the movement has it’s own gear, profit motif and has many objectives, none more important than that of bringing fun and honesty back into pro sports. Whether is be basketball, football, golf, or whatever, pro sports needs a certain degree of boom-tho-ness these days. No more scandals or controversies, just the ability to have fun and keep it real. Boom.”  It may sound impossible, but  I do believe the following video accomplishes part of the mission and proves that “Anything is possible” maybe even “internet domination.” (We’re trying!!)   Laugh a little.