Coming Soon: Winners of The Classic Dance-Spirit Team Competition


Stay tuned Fanatics, the spirit around the Knicks seems to be changing just a little bit.  For the first time in the while, Knicks fans have been treated to the talents of a bona fide multi-dimensional baller in Tracy McGrady.  Never-mind that he is really auditioning for the other teams that can afford him, unless we intend to get one max and two league average salary players (not mid-level folks because we are under the salary cap and don’t have exemptions unless we are over the cap).  Never-mind that the trade was really for his contract which has virtually made Mother Knickerbocker barren by taking away her young potential — the 2009 draft pick; the 2010 is with Utah; the high-end 2011draft pick probably; and 2012 first round draft pick.  (That was virtually a miscarriage and three abortions (unless the Rockets suck in 2010-11 too).  No, never-mind that we are screwed because right now getting screwed feels good with McGrady’s every hard drive to the basket for an And 1.

So “soon” is as good a time as any to introduce the winners of the big vote we had earlier in the year for our very own cheerleaders a/k/a the Fanatics Classic Old School Dance-Spirit Team. Fanatics were to select 12 spirit-raisers from 25 candidates including Bridget Bardot, Ann Margaret, Josephine Baker, Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch, among others.  These beautiful and talented ladies of the past were chosen to help keep our spirits up during this trying season.  Well, now they are ready to help us remain positive to the end of the Cap Space Odyssey (which some fans who don’t want to criticize Walsh are starting to extend the death-line into the summer of Chris Paul).

So stay tuned for the announcement post scheduled for later this week.


Also check out the exciting LBE for the Knicks v. Thunder game .  O&B, Peaceman, Modi & Post-Up Prince (cameo by Jak) were rocking the knowledge with enthusiasm.