Congratulations Jamal; Crawford Wins SIxth Man Award By Landslide

Jamal Crawford

Former Knick favorite Jamal Crawford, averaging 18 points in 31.1 minutes per game, was a runaway choice, garnering 580 out of a possible 610 points, for the NBA Sixth Man of The Year Award.  Traded from the Knicks two seasons ago when he was one of the Knicks highest scorers, Jamal landed in Atlanta where he played starter minutes and finished games while coming off the Hawks bench.   With Atlanta, Crawford, in addition to being recognized for his scoring prowess as the team’s second leading scorer, finally made it to the playoffs.  Like Phil Mickelson in golf, Crawford,  had become known as the best (and most affable) player who had never been in the playoffs.

Congratulations Jamal.  I, for one, hope you just keep winning and proving that you are a winner.

(Oh by the way Statesman, Jamal is spending many of those minutes playing point guard very well.  I hope since the last time you popped your keyboard in this e-home, you’ve improved your ability to identify and evaluate talent.  I apologize if I am expecting too much.)