Curry’s Salary Already 50% Paid



According to RealGM:

The Knicks have already paid half of Eddy Curry’s 2010-2011 salary, a fact that could provide a team acquiring him significant savings and greatly boost his contract’s trade value.

The Knicks are certain to offer Curry in a bid to land Carmelo Anthony at any time between now and the NBA’s trade deadline.

If traded today, Curry would be owed a little over $7 million by the team acquiring him, after adding in a trade kicker.

If Curry was traded just before the February deadline, the unpaid compensation on his contract would decline to about $2.4 million and his trade kicker would decline to about $600,000.

However, there have been almost violent protests among the NYC Cheeseburger franchises. Several fast food chains have went to Mayor Bloomberg complaining that this move by the Knicks would be similar to the effects that the Gulf Oil spill had on local food chains in the Gulf, even claiming that they would have to shut  down their shops if Curry were no longer a Knick.
This is indeed a very smart move by Walsh, however I doubt he came up with it. It sounds like the shrewd move of Isaih Thomas. Whomever came up with this move, we must get down on our knees and thank the heavens. It looks like we won’t have to move all our Pups. The question is which lone pup will go for Mello. GALLO OR RANDOLPH with Curry? For the Knicks sake I strongly believe it should be GALLO. Randolph’s size and ability to play center on both ends should weigh heavy on the Knicks managment decision. A deal for Melo is going down Fanatics. Who goes with Curry? RANDOLPH OR GALLO? Please tell us.