Daily News Begs LeBron To Come To New York

Quite frankly, I’m not so sure how to take this.  I am so accustomed to ignoring the Daily News or finding used ones left by patrons at Starbucks and recycling the pages to stay in compliance with pooper scooper laws that I am not sure what to say. On the one hand, however farfetched, the Daily News has decided to do something favorable for New Yorkers.  On the other hand, the paper just fall further and further into the abyss of social rag and away from the height of professional journalism.  Once again the paper becomes an activist by publishing an open “Dear LeBron” letter telling him why he needs to come to New York (And I thought only blogs, like ours, dealt in fiction and fantasy. LOL). The letter written by the “Daily News Staff” even suggests that the Knicks needed to add a new coach to fit his talents.  What hurt a bit though was their suggestion that Brooklyn would be cool too.  If LeBron is smart though, I would take this invitation as a bad thing.  His camp has got to be thinking that this is a bait and switch type scenario.  They’ll treat him nice at first, but the Daily News will be the first paper to sell “Go Back To Akron” placards in the paper centerfolds if he doesn’t bring us a championship within two months of signing his Knicks contract.   Here is the letter in full.  What do you think?

Hey, LeBron:

You belong in New York. Come and feel the love. The heart of the city will beat for you. The rush will be such as you have never felt. That’s life when you have the greatest 8 million fans on the planet behind you.

They pray now for your arrival. We know they do because we have taken the pulse. They see destiny in the pairing.

Larger than life. The best there is. Fast yet graceful. Classy yet gritty. Serious yet exuberant. Tireless yet fun. Tough yet big-hearted. That’s you. That’s this town. That’s two supernovas in alignment. That’s a match made in a heaven on Earth.

The NBA championship will soon be decided. We wish you victory. Then we ask you to reimagine New York as a place to live and to soar, as a place where you can achieve your ambition to become a cross between Muhammad Ali and Warren Buffett.

Very few are the people who would dare to shoot so high. Even fewer are those who can do so with credibility. You are unique in that regard, and New York is unique as the way station for the grandest dreams. Think of Broadway as your Yellow Brick Road.

As it is, you’re no stranger to the world’s capital of media, advertising, finance, culture, fashion, food, education, comedy and so much else, including playground basketball. We know this because, long before free agency loomed, you volunteered that New York was your favorite city.

Right now, the world’s best stage for an athlete is the World’s Greatest Arena, Madison Square Garden. There’s a team waiting there for you – with enough salary-cap room to bring you and a top-notch sidekick aboard.

Add a coach tailor-made for your talents, and multiple championships are in the offing.

We promise.

If you want a slightly bigger challenge, look across the river. You once said, “My favorite borough? Brooklyn.” Do you think it’s a coincidence that we call it Kings County, King James?

A new stadium will soon rise there, home to a team co-owned by your good friend Jay-Z and a Russian billionaire running the show. How cool is that?

But as outsize as your legend already is, as exponentially as it will grow if you write the book called “James and the Big Apple,” what New Yorkers love about you is that you’ve got your head screwed on straight.

You have said, “I don’t need too much. Glamour and all that stuff don’t excite me. I am just glad I have the game of basketball in my life.”

That makes you a kindred spirit to America‘s biggest assemblage of working people. Huge numbers of them have come from other parts of the country or the world in search of better lives, willing to do whatever it takes to chase their dreams.

They get you. You’ll get them.

Look, we know you’re attached to your hometown of Akron, and that you feel a special kinship to Cleveland. It’s not just understandable, it’s admirable.

But great people seek out great challenges.

Take a guy named Babe Ruth, a pitcher who started out with his hometown, then-minor league Baltimore Orioles, and then found his way to the Boston Red Sox and then …

You know the rest. He built a stadium. He made history.

We’ve seen you in that Yankee cap rooting for the Bombers, your favorite team, against the Indians.

Let the cap lead you.

We love your pre-game ritual – everyone does. You throw the hand chalk up in the air. It galvanizes your team. It energizes the crowd.

It works well in Cleveland. It would be magic in New Y