Dolan Decides To Turn Recon Team Into A-Team By Joining LeBron Summit

Knicks owner James Dolan reportedly has decided to transform the Recon team of Donnie Walsh, Mike D’Antoni and Allan Houston into the A-team by joining the group on its initial visit to LeBron James on Thursday to convince the free agent to become a Knick.  Originally, Dolan had decided not to accompany Walsh, D’Antoni and Houston.  Apparently, after serious consideration and perhaps information that the owners of other teams were going to meet with James, Dolan decided to meet the most desired free agent in NBA history face to face.  Marc Berman of the New York Post, reported the following:

The King of Cablevision apparently wants to look King James in the eye to assure him of the financial commitment he has always made to the franchise, and that he has never spared any expense in trying to restore the Knicks back to greatness. . . .

Dolan feels he is most adept at explaining to James the Garden’s transformation across the next three years, in which the Knicks owner is spending between $775 to $850 million to beautify “The World’s Most Famous Arena.”

Prior to meeting LeBron, it is reported that the Knicks may meet with Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson..  It is not clear whether Dolan will join those meetings.  At the time of this writing, the players have not confirmed the meeting,  Do You think that Dolan should attend all of the meetings?  Just the one with LeBron?  None of them?