Done Deal? Tracy McGrady Tweets That He Will Be A Knick; Jordan Hill Tweets Thanks To Knicks Fans, On His Way To Houston

Reporting is fluid but,

Marc Stein reports that Houston is getting Kevin Martin, Jared Jeffries, the right to swap 2011 first round picks with New York and the 2012 first rounder. Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and Larry Hughes are headed to the Kings. Alan Hahn reports that Tracy McGrady and Sergio Rodriguez go to the Knicks. It’s unknown whether Jordan Hill got traded.

ESPN is reporting that the Knicks are giving Jordan Hill to Rockets.

Updated:  Jordan Hill Tweets: jordanchill43 Houston bound now…thanks for da love ny…time for me to get goin wit my career…stay up

Same deal Morey was trying to force on the Knicks originally, so it seems.   WOW.  Can we get some Fanatic Analysis?