Dr. Phil on Knicks Fanatics Radio

It was a moment that every broadcaster dreams of. For some it’s a nightmare but for me, it was an honor to receive my first prank call in Knicks Fanatics Radio History tonight. Listen to the first few seconds and you’ll see that I was very close to giving up on the call but I wanted to take one call before bringing O&B on the show to break down the Knicks with his Quarterly Report. So I gave the call a few seconds and I’m glad I did because it was none other than the great Dr. Phil. Listen further and you’ll realize that I foolishly thought I was talking to an actual person for a short period of time. You can hear the moment when I finally become aware that I’m talking to a soundboard. I think it was Peaceman but I’m not sure. Does the real culprit want to step forward?

Overall this was a very enjoyable, informative and entertaining show thanks to contributions from O&B and Peaceman. Give it a listen when you get a chance and as always feel free to give me feedback by emailing me aaronhodges82 at yahoo.com or on twitter.com/knicksradioah .

Trust me if your boss is within earshot, turn it up and he/she will be a convert. You may even get a raise.