Dwyane Wade As The Villain

So Dwyane Wade is in the news today. Apparently he made some remarks on Sunday, that has everyone up in arms.

Standing at his locker before a group of reporters, Wade said:

“There’s going to be times when we might lose one, two games in a row, maybe two games, three games in a row, you never know. It’s going to seem like the world is crashed down. You all are going to make it seem like the World Trade has just went down again. But it’s not going to be nothing but a couple basketball games lost and we’ll have to get back on track.”

And on Monday, the NBA’s newest villian issued an apology:

Wade said: “In an interview yesterday, I attempted to explain how some people may view the Miami Heat losing a few basketball games in a row during the upcoming season. It appears that my reference to the World Trade Center has been either inaccurately reported or taken completely out of context. I was simply trying to say that losing a few basketball games should not be compared to a real catastrophe.

“While it was certainly not my intention, I sincerely apologize to anyone who found my reference to the World Trade Center to be insensitive or offensive.”


I guess reporters are bored now that the Free Agency coup is over. The scheme that was hatched, bringing LeBron James and Chris Bosh’s talents to South Beach, pissed off a lot of people. Some were angered by the way LeBron handled “The Decision.” Others argue that 3 of the best players that the NBA has to offer, joining forces on one team is bad for the league. And some fans, (mostly supporters of the Knicks) are acting like a needy ex-boyfriend, longing for a love that never was. Either way, the lines have been drawn in the sand. The Heat are on one side and the rest of the NBA is on the other. There is a strong desire to make Miami the villains of the NBA and rightfully so. Everyone has already agreed that this will be the narrative throughout the upcoming season. So in an effort to support that narrative, Wade’s comments are spun in a way that makes him appear to be an insensitive, arrogant, out of touch superstar, when in reality he was putting basketball in perspective when compared to a real tragedy.

If you want to hate on Dwayne Wade and the Three Um Egos, at least let the hatred come from something that’s rooted in reality. Take the blinders off and see the comments for what they are. When the Heat come to New York, go ahead and boo him for acting as a double agent during the Free Agency process. Boo him for giving the Knicks false hope. But let’s not try to destroy his reputation by stetching the truth and pretending to be a holier than thou patriot, in an effort to paint the Heat Boys as ”The Villains.”