Eddy Curry Knees Knicks In Cap Space


Eddie Curry As A Coat Rack


Uh Oh.  Looks like the only cap space the Knicks will get from Eddy Curry is around his knee cap where loose cartilage roams.

According to the Knicks, Curry was scheduled to have arthroscopic surgery on his left knee yesterday.  He is expected begin rehabilitation next week, but be out for six weeks after the loose cartilage in his knee is removed.

Currently, the Eddy is worth about $11.3 million in cap space next year which is equivalent to his 2010 salary.  Analysts have been suggesting for a couple of years that in order for the Knicks to take full advantage of the 2010 free agency opportunities, the Knicks will need to divest either Eddie Curry’s or Jared Jeffrie’s salary.

Eddy Curry’s tenure, after one year of promise under Isiah Thomas, has turned into a total waste. Eddy balked and his game stalled when he was paired with ZBo who is showing All-Star form in Memphis.  He has been perpetually fat until Walsh decided to put his watchful eye on his trade trip this past summer.  The Knicks finally convinced Eddy to work his butt off, literally, with a promise of an opportunity to play.  In Mike D’Antoni’s non-communicative, let-me-guess-what-rotation-might-work style, he excluded him from the rotation.  Now Eddy has hurt his knee while sitting on the bench.

This mess is everybody’s fault.

What an amazing waste.