ESPN Cover Boy: Is This A Little More of Amar’e Than One Can Take?


Naked Amar'e Stoudemire

So many possible headlines for this one.  I had to chose one.  As you know by now, our star’e Amar’e is taking full advantage of his opportunity for full exposure as the new New York icon.  His latest adventure is the body edition of ESPN the Magazine.  He is featured on one of five different covers for this edition (see above).  The picture below is part of the photo series inside the mag.  There is not really much for me to say, but you might have fun comparing these with the sexy pics from Danilo Gallinari’s portfolio originally on, when the website, focused on gay interest in sports, declared him one of the top 5 hotties in sports. I wonder whether Amar’e hit anybody’s hottie list.  What do you think?