Chris Sheridan at ESPN indirectly claims that assertions by Hahn and others that Nate deal is imminent are not entirely correct:

Lots of info and misinformation out there regarding the potential Nate Robinson-to-Boston trade. I have been told there are many moving parts, with some of the principals mentioned as coming to New York including Marquis Daniels, Bill Walker, J.R. Giddens and possibly Eddie House. Robinson’s base-year compensation status is a complicating factor, but not insurmountable. If the Boston talks fail, Nate would accept only a trade to the L.A. Lakers (he has veto power).

On the Tracy McGrady front, I am told the main sticking point is whether there would be lottery-protection on the first-round pick going to Houston in 2012. Can’t see that being a deal-breaker for the Rockets, but Daryl Morey can take this one down to the wire if he so chooses.

Also hearing the same thing Chad Ford reported earlier: Knicks can do Darko Milicic for Brian Cardinal, giving New York a perennial member of Bill Simmons’ All-Mokeski second team.

Also as of 6:05pm, there was no new movement on the McGrady trade.  It seems that the Rockets are playing Chicken with the Knicks who they believe they can fleece for taking on Jared Jeffries.