Sizzlin’ Hot Links of March


What a way to end the month and almost the regular-season — with some sizzling HotLinks, food for thought for the hungry fan.

So let’s start off with some appetizers from the www.:

There was a time, before he was a main course and prior to his transformation into just another side, McGrady was an appetizer.  Back then he was a talented high school senior trying to decide whether to go to college or enter the draft. The example informing his decision was Felipe Lopez who decided to go to college and saw his stock plummet (sometimes an appetizer can’t be more than a snack).  A Stern Warning digs up the video putting the Knicks’ current “star” into classical perspective. Another great tease that was a legendary playground happy meal, God Shammgod is making a comback of sorts as he teams up with Converse. (

Ball Don’t Lie offers us a detailed review of John J. Buro’s e-book, Open Court: A Year With The New York Knicks. The title and the subject are a tease to the appetite.  The book follows Isiah’s Knicks from October 2006 to May 2008. As harsh as the review is you might feel more compelled to read some old posts by Peaceman, Statesman and Ed Drossman for a better feel for the period. 

And since we’re on losing cultures, Dime drops the 411 on how losing is bad for the soul brother as Brooke Lopez walks out on what was at the time  potentially the worst team in NBA history.

And now some accoutrement:

How about a little carmelo-ized Onion Sports Network with those hotlinks?  As usual, OSN tickles us a little with  Carmelo was called for a traveling in time violation.

We can get these links with some Darko syrup from Minature-sota where the little team in the little market may finally have a big man.  No seriously, don’t laugh, but it appears that Darko “Syrup” Milicic may be sticking in the NBA.  After feeling abused and unused from his stint with the Pistons to his stunted growth with the Knicks, Darko has been given some ball don’t lie responsibilities on the court and has proven to Kurt Rambis that he actually has some NBA talent. (Twolves Blog). Darko has been impressive. In his most recent game, which was against the Magic, he had 14 points, 4 boards, 5 assists and 2 steals in 31 minutes of play.   Although he wasn’t given a chance to show more than nothing in NYC, it’s not a total surprise he can play a little given that Mike D’Antoni has yet to prove that he knows what to do with a player larger than 6’10 247 pounds.

The Main Course

When I think of Hotlinks I think of cheese grits, pancakes, maple syrup, OJ (without the Mayo) and hash browns; and I think of Evans Farm.  Emmmm Emmm. Good. And on that farm they had a . . . .Tyreke Evans who serves up something delicious almost every time he has the bacon in the palm of his hands.  Based on the following ten gems he is certain to be rookie of the year, but he probably could be given a few time travel citations too if you could slow down the film to figure out how his feet move so far so fast with a single bounce of the ball.

And then there was dessert:

This is sweet.  We don’t have to worry about Rush Limbaugh trying to buy a basketball team because he promised to move outta the country if Obama ever got passage of a health care bill. Some folks are simply saying “See ya Rush. Don’t let the door knob hit you where the good Lord split you,” but the following message is equally as effective.