Fanatical Summer Hot Link Fest: Is D’Antoni Concerned About The Knicks Being Too Young?


Hot Dogs

Looking for some basketball stuff that’s a little more filling than the average August fare? Yeah, me too and it is hard to come by, believe you me.  Still, there are things to consider about our Knicks and the NBA while we wait for the last bit of pre-season player movement, training camp and the start of a new season.  So we’ve got some sweet Hot links for you.



To start with based on one of his most recent interviews you’ve got to wonder whether D’Antoni a bit concerned about how young the Knicks are? It surely sounds like it on the Official Knicks site.

And are we concerned about how young the new 2010-2011 Knicks City Dancers are?  “Concerned” is not what comes to mind.  Congrats Ladies.

According to, Timofey Mozgov was an excellent pick-up by the Knicks which is a bit contrary to our own analysis which conludes Mozgov is not all that.

Andy Rautins’ interview with Hoops Addicts is a must-view for Andy Rautin boosters.

Now we can learn more about David Lee than we ever could while he was with the Knicks.  In this interview with Golden State of Mind, he talks about his past when Larry Brown told him he couldn’t play — and sometimes he believed it — and how he learned as much about what not to do as he did about what to do while with the Knicks.  Very good interview even for folks who are not friends of Lee.

Shannon Brown reportedly weighing $4 million per year offer from Knicks and more playing time against being part of the three-peat Lakers.  Hoopsworld

Not in the Knicks’ plans, House finds a home in Miami with LeHeat. Leaving It All Out On The Floor.  Diego gives an excellent perspective on how House gives the Heat more excellent options regarding what units to put on the floor.  This should be a fun team to watch whether they excel or crash and burn.


The Heat may have been winners but the season ticket sales team was a big loser.

ESPN’s John Hollinger ranks the LA Lakers as the #1 franchise in NBA history; the Knicks are ranked 17th behind the  Bulls, 76ers, Pacers and Jazz.

Top Ten Hawks of All Time.   Jeff Fox starts this great summer series with Bloguin writer’s selections for the best players per team ever.

The Jon Koncak Commemorative Awards: Contracts that screwed the NBA.  This series, by WhiskeyDizzy at the Real Shaq, promises to provide a breakdown of some of the worst player contracts in NBA history. Every day a Bloguin writer will discuss a new contract. We’ve volunteered to discuss Alla Houston’s and Jerome Jame’s contracts.

The top Five NBA Off-season winners didn’t include the Knicks according to Sparky Hughes of With Malice.


One might argue that David Kahn, the Twolves, GM, ia a loser and  has lost his mind as he stockpiles small forwards to go with his collection of guards from last year.  This re-enactment of Kahn’s imagined interview with Van Gundy is very telling.  Twolves Blog.