Fanatics Answer The Big NBA Questions!

Every week, Jeff Fox at Hoops Manifesto, publishes a segment of his series NBA Big Questions in which he convinces follow Blohuin bloggers to dig into their knowledge base to address some of the big NBA issues of the day.  Every week the Knicks fanatics crew responds to his call to action with some rather provocative, no-nonsense (yeah right) takes.  Jeff recently published NBA Big Questions: Week Four in which Peaceman and Aaron Hodges shared some knowledge (or their opinions of knowledge, depending on how you look at it) which we share with you.

1) The Spurs have quietly jumped out to the League’s best record.  Are they a legit title contender or has their time in the sun passed by years ago?

“The Spurs have one last run in them, however, if Pop doesn’t rest his older fleet like Doc Rivers did last year they will be an early exit.” – Peaceman

 Spurs Cheerleaders

“Seems like the Spurs have been counted out, considered too old for the past five years. A ten game win streak is impressive. They have the their core intact so chemistry is not an issue. DeJuan Blair’s improved play gives them enough help to possibly take down the Lakers and other challengers out west. I wouldn’t rule them out just yet.” – Aaron Hodges

2) Biggest surprise (and why) – the Cavs playing close to .500 ball thus far or Golden State being 7-6?

“The Cavs playing near .500 ball is preposterous. How can they possibly be competitive when their prodigal son has not yet returned? We are finally getting a chance to see the rest of that roster showcase their skills more often. It looks like they have enough talent to compete for a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. You can never count out a Byron Scott coached team. Sure, he had his issues in New Orleans, but he knows how to get the best out of young players.” – Aaron Hodges

3) Despite standing less than 6’8″ (he was measured without shoes as 6’7.75″ at the pre-draft camp, so don’t believe the 6’10” you see him listed as) and not being particularly athletic, Kevin Love leads the NBA in rebounding (13.8 rpg).  Can he keep it up for the whole season?

“Love has heart. If he can stay healthy he will continue lead the NBA in boards. Rebounding is about toughness and desire. He has both.  Dennis Rodman looked about 6’8″ when I stood next to him in the Garden and he led the league in rebounds more than a few times.” – Peaceman

“I watched Kevin Love pick apart the Knicks during his 31 & 31 coming out party. The guy has a knack for getting to the ball. It’s not pretty but he sure is efficient. Some players understand their athletic limitations and the importance of positioning their bodies to give themselves an opportunity to make a play. Kevin Love fits that Charles Barkley mold, although I would argue that he’s not nearly as funny. As long as he gets enough minutes he can certainly keep up the pace.” – Aaron Hodges