Fanatics Introduce New Writer: “The Great Debate — Strategy v. Talent”

Fanatics, the call for writers has yielded an addition to the crew. I am pleased to introduce to the blogosphere Knicks Fanatics Blog’s new writer Aaron Hodges who plans to grace us with his basketball mastery and wisdom at least twice a week during his probationary period, which is one month from the date of this writing.  As you know I am always looking for ways to improve or enhance the quality, content and community of this blog and Aaron just may be THE ONE to make this blog a big time commercial success on the level of Tampons. (No, I do not know if Aaron is a bleeder, but we are about to find out).

Aaron, unlike all other Fanatics, is probably not wanted by the FBI or the IRS so he graced us with a photo, that kinda, sorta reminds me of an out of focus version of Tommy Dee at The Knicks Blog, and a real life bio with his job address and everything. (He’s not scurred of you.)

Aaron Hodges (HodgeBlogNY) is a lifelong Knicks fan and sports fan in general. His favorite teams are the Knicks, NY Giants, and NY Rangers. He lives in NJ and works in Manhattan at SiriusXM radio. His favorite basketball player of all-time is John Starks, because he played with heart and intenisty every single night and his passion was unrivaled.

I am stoked. Aaron has arrived. We have arrived.   Below is his first joint. Inhale and show Aaron how we do around here. Welcome brother man; I look forward to you dropping bombs.  LGK.


(Introducing Aaron Hodges)

Has there ever been more proof that talent almost always trumps strategy? Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni faced his former team on Friday and the Suns absolutely and positively destroyed the hapless Knicks. You have to wonder if D’Antoni’s style will ever work in the NBA. As an avid sports fan I pay close attention to coaching styles and in my opinion the coaches that are most successful are the ones who adjust to the skill sets of the players that they have on their team, not vice versa. Phoenix is still thriving because they have talented players, not because of their system. It will be interesting to see what happens if the Knicks pick up one or more talented free agents in the off-season. How much will D’Antoni adjust his coaching style? So far he hasn’t budged.