First 2010 Knicks Hot Links



It may be HotLinks in here, but things have been getting kinda spooky around the Knicks.  Although our heroes did not shine in the recent thrashing by Kevin Durant and the Oak City Thunder Gods, our heroes got a bit of “The Shining,” in their haunted Oklahoma City hotel which forced a spooked Eddie Curry to hang out in Nate Robinson’s room most of the night.  New Yorker Mahatma at Straight Up Sports takes this very seriously and asks Who are the Knicks going to call? We also ask who are they going to call — the Ghost of Knicks-miss future –LeBron James — a few good defenders or the Ghost Busters — to make sure they don’t have Casper’s evil cousin as an excuse for losing another game.

Despite Curry’s encounter with hotel ghouls, no one seems to be as spooked as Darko who is ready to go back to Europe and put the NBA in the past. Do you feel like Darko has been cheated or that he has cheated the game?  Here’s New York Vinnie’s take at Nothing But Lies; The Sad Story Of Darko Milicic’s NBA Career.

The Ghost of Knicks-miss future?: Perhaps the most important fabricated question to be answered in 2010 is “Will LeBron James Come To New York?” A simple yes by LeBron can be the crowning achievement of Donnie Walsh’s career and could send Knicks fans into a perpetual frenzy of excitement and expectation.  But for the moment, the debate “Will he or will he not?” continues to rage on and LeBron James is milking the situation to the max as he sends mixed and mixed-up messages to basketball fans everywhere.  Although he has decided not to talk much anymore about the free agency summer, since it is a distraction to Cleveland and the Knicks, he is now sending messages in other ways.  Recently he did the Maxwell Smart (“Get Smart”) thing and talked to us through his shoes.


LeBron's Shoes


Must we ask? Will Lebron give New York a very good show or a shoe? Is the above pic, courtesy of With Malice evidence that LeBron loves New York or intends to plaster his logo all over (and take over) New York?  You tell me.  I will say, though, that he can sell some shoes in New York.

Some fans think we can ignore LeBron’s cryptic and conflicting messages and simply look at what New York has to offer free agents who want to win.  According to Oly Sandor at, Danilo Gallinari is still a key attraction for LeBron James. Regardless of the plausibility of that belief, this is a good spot for a Danilo Gallinari Gallery, especially since Danilo is becoming the Knick’s new marketing darling.  In the following videos, you can see the young kid trying to become more of an entertainer.  Hopefully, he gets better reviews for doing this stuff than Nate Robinson; certainly being tall, white and handsome instead of  an enormously talented short black man with a big mouth can’t hurt.  (But this is New York and being tall, white and handsome only gets you so far with fans here — like to the end of a runway and back — if you don’t win a championship).


Remember this Robinsonesque post-dunk pose?


What about his budding sining career.      I apologize to his backup dancer and grunter Al H., but someone said Harrington looks more like a bobbing Milk Dud than a Pip as he wiggles from side to side.


Based on the Knicks’ recent encounter with ghosts (see above), perhaps Gallo will star in a horror movie which would be much better than starring on a horrible team.  Don’t you think?

Danilo Gallinari meets Casper the Ghosts A s Knicks Are Haunted


Hardwood Paroxysm is already shopping part of a script as revealed in In This Scenario, Danilo Gallinari Will Play The Part Of Shaggy, And Al Harrington Will Be Scooby.

Gallo isn’t the only NBA player who wants to be a multi-tooled entertainer.  It’s too early to tell whether the SacKings are a playoff team, but the following , courtesy of  Docksquadsports, definitely makes the Kings the scariest team of the new decade. OMG.

No offense to Gallo, but lots of it to the Kings, we must end this HotLinks with some real sounds from Jay Dilla as we watch Baron Davis dribble through Da City. Boy, Baron reminds me of why I love New York, especially in the spring. Anyone wanna meet me at The Cage in May or play some chess at W4Corner Park in June?