Gallo vs Dirk – Let The Games Begin


A few days ago I left the following comment on a Peaceman Post in which he expressed the desire for the Knicks to deal Anthony Randolph in a package for Carmelo Anthony instead of Danilo Gallinari:

“As it stands now the Knicks are probably a playoff team. A deal to get Melo would make them a likely playoff team. Maybe I’m just not ready to give up on Gallo’s potential. I truly believe he can be a Dirk Nowitzki type player, only a little bit tougher.

Keeping Gallo and ARandolph should be a priority but these are the tough decisions that GM’s have to make. When a player like Carmelo Anthony is on the trading block you have to entertain all offers. I just hope this saga reaches a palatable conclusion and the Knicks Roster isn’t gutted in the process.”

September 30, 2010
I am urging the Knicks to not include Gallo in a deal for Carmelo Anthony because he would be the perfect compliment to an Amar’e and Carmelo duo. They may even be considered a “Big 3.” Resident Knicks Fanatic O&B shared similar feelings on Gallo:
“If Gallo stays, that rooster has enough cock strutting confidence to develop into the black hat wearing sniper assassin of the cHEAT super friends dream.”
October 01, 2010
Today I read this on Alan Hahn’s twitter feed: @alanhahn , who is traveling with the team in Europe:
“Amar’e compares Gallinari to Dirk Nowitzki, says he’s “at same level…at same age, if not better”
Which makes me think that Amar’e may be reading our blog. If this is so Amar’e,  you’re welcome on the radio show anytime.

This debate has been picking up steam as of late and of course its rooted in trade discussion for Carmelo Anthony as noted in a comment from Peaceman:

“You can’t talk about “Pups” and Amare in the same context. We are not rebuilding, if we were…why would we give Amare 100 Mill knowing he’s got at Max a 4-5 year window IF his Knees hold up. Ergo Melo.  Melo, Amare & Felton with Fields and D-leaguers can go to the ECF. Amare & Melo would make everyone around them better and would be the most fierce duo the Knicks ever had on the floor. We CANNOT wait for next year. Shyte happens. Gallo could be the BUST he’s been the last two years and Randolph hasn’t proven squat, is going on his third year. You don’t Fu#k around when you have a Melo ready to go this year with Amare. Role players are needed and are a dime a dozen. We are not the Thunder. We have a closing window with Amare, and it’s win NOW. I don’t want to hear lame azz excuses that Nellie kept a brother down or Gallo is Dirk bullshyte. You can’t serve two Masters. Either we get Melo and let the remaining knicks get playoff experience while we wait for Paul, or you cream your pants because we made 8TH seed and get swept by the Celtics as Amare becomes Alan Houston II and we still wait for Gallo & Randolph to show potential in their 4th year. You can’t have it both ways….and you know it’s the truth!”
Do you think that Gallinari is worth holding onto if that’s the last remaining obstacle in a trade for Melo’? Here’s how the Dirk vs Gallo debate stacks up on paper.
Gallo’s Regular Season Averages
08-09 NYK 28 2 14.7 0.448 0.444 0.963 0.5 1.5 2.0 0.5 0.5 0.1 0.54 1.71 6.1
09-10 NYK 81 74 33.9 0.423 0.381 0.818 0.8 4.1 4.9 1.7 0.9 0.7 1.36 2.36 15.1

Dirk Nowitzki Regular Season Career Stats: First 2 years

98-99 DAL 47 24 20.4 0.405 0.206 0.773 0.9 2.6 3.4 1.0 0.6 0.6 1.55 2.23 8.2
99-00 DAL 82 81 35.8 0.461 0.379 0.830 1.2 5.2 6.5 2.5 0.8 0.8 1.72 3.12 17.5


Nowitzki’s Mavericks didn’t make the playoffs until his third year. Gallo is entering his third year. The Stats are comparable and so are their skills and complexion. They both have outstanding perimeter jump shots and the ability to get to the basket and the foul line. One advantage that Dirk has is in the post up game. So far we haven’t seen a lot of post up game from Gallo which can probably be attributed to a run and gun system that doesn’t allow for much back to the basket action. This was a skill that Nowitzki developed over a long career. Once Gallo starts to feel the wear and tear of long seasons he’ll be forced to adapt his game in the interest of career longevity and I suspect that his post up game will be more prominently featured.

As this relates to Carmelo Anthony, I believe it is vital to keep a talent like Gallinari even if that means you risk letting Melo go to another team. All signs point towards him wanting to be a New York Knick. If he truly wants to be here than he will not sign an extension with any other team, thus making any worthwhile trade for the Nuggets virtually useless to any other team. His value to the Nuggets goes down with everyday that passes, bringing the NBA closer to its trade deadline. There is validity to the window of opportunity argument but the Knicks would do well to leave Gallo out of any potential trade for Anthony, leaving them a really strong core of players should Anthony decide to bring his talents to Manhattan.

(As I finish this piece SNY just teased a Dirk and Gallinari comparison after the jump. I will include some of the comments from The Wheelhouse)

Brandon Tierney : “Gallo had his breakout last year and will become an offensive star this year. “