Groundhog Day For Knicks Fanatics?

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December 21, 2006 8:33 PM

Charles may say some stupid things but he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He’s figured out that he can be outrageous by just telling people whatever on his mind. I respect that more than someone who tells you what you want to hear. The strange part is he has become the teflon commentator. He gets a pass on race, marriage, politics, you name it. “Oh, that’s just Charles”, the village idiot. Television loves him because his conservative views piss everyone off and controversy sells big time. But when it comes to hoops he, like Dennis Rodman, and Bill Walton, are fundamentalists. They played the game the right way emphasizing the basics like rebounding, defense,passing and team play and so their views on b-ball are pretty sound. Barkley’s pick the last two years was San Antonio. Does that sound like the raving of a madman? Right now the Knicks do stink. Look at their record, the way they defend and execute. There still my team. Good teams bring it right the same way every night. Are the Knicks capable of consistant defense and offense over 48 minutes every night? I think so, but then I’m not in the Hall of Fame. Why be mad at Charles? He’s not playing against us. If we play better he’ll say something better.

Lives In New Jersey, Loves New York
December 22, 2006 5:28 AM

Do The Knicks Stink?

Charles Barkley says yes. Mark Jackson says yes.

Barkley is fun to watch because he knows basketball and is willing to say what’s on his mind no matter how ridiculous or baseless. Charles Barkley has never let a fact get in the way of his opinion. Using Charles Barkley as a reference is really dicey. Almost like using the Daily News in research paper footnotes.

Remember Barkley is the Hall of Fame of Knuckleheads. He was the TO of his playing time (although not with the same psychological baggage – we had Mike Tyson for that). Barkley did not get along with Julius. He didn’t respect the old man, remember. Barkley did not get along with Bobby Knight. Remember. Barkley ( along with that genius Karl Malone) publicly stated that HIV Magic should retire. Remember. Barkley fought on the court and in the bars. Remember. Barkley never let a fact get in his way. Remember. But I like Charles, and feel bad that the Chief Blogger has resorted to him as proof. Bad Proof.

However, I heard Mark Jackson on ESPN radio say the exact same thing. Mark is more sensible than Charles, but then it was interesting that when asked if they should fire Isiah, he said yes, at the end of the season. And when he was asked whether he wanted to coach the Knicks, he implied that he was the right person for the job. Interesting. Credibility problem there too.

Do the Knicks Stink?

They don’t smell great. But they smell better than they did last season and they smell better than they did 28 games and a pre-season ago. NY Press-Isiah-hate denies us the real stories.

They are exciting and fun to watch. Have you ever seen anything so wonderful (not a playoff series) in a three day span? Isn’t a part of the real story how Starbury has overcome his fear of failure in front of the New York home crowd to bring that old swagger back. How did that happen? Did Isiah have something to do with that? Is any writer noticing how David Lee is bonding with the guards? That last second layup was all body language and instinct which only happens with ballers who have played together and are working on the same page? Anyone notice how brilliant that last play was on Lee’s tip in and that before the play Stephon was animated in the huddle, that in retrospect you can see he was suggesting to Lee how to make the move. Oh, and did anyone notice that in double overtime after another exhaustive game, Marbury made a great defensive play and dove for the basketball and called time out with .01 seconds left like a pro? Did anyone notice Marbury’s embrace of David Lee at the games end?

Riddle me this: If a story happens in a forest full of trees and reporters, does it really happen?

Stink? Granted a team that gets down consistently by 20 doesn’t smell great, but a team that can consistently shut teams down for long stretches is a pretty damn promising squad. What other team do you know that can spot a 20 point lead and catch up to make the game interesting and even win on occasion. If the Knicks were constantly losing 20 point leads, that would be a stinking team. But a team that shows resolve and develops a Knack for overcoming adversity is developing one heck of a strong mentality, albeit, the hard way. Now these players know they can always win and they don’t give up.

Stink? That’s last years news being reported today. This is a developing team overcoming a lot of disadvantages and problems. I like what I see. Unfortunately, I don’t know how they can possibly sustain this against the Bulls for 48 minutes. How in the heck is Starbury going to chase Ben Gordon tonight and then play a full night tomorrow without hurting those knees? How do we play Chicago hard and win tomorrow night? I’m tired just watching?

If that play was brilliant, it will take a brilliant plan to win one of these next two games. Eventhough the 76ers suck, they have some athletes that if smartly coached can wear the Knicks down. Let’s See.

December 22, 2006 11:04 AM

Win Knicks Win! The more they win, the more the media will soft spin their way to the Knicks favor , like Isola is doing with his current article. In short, he’s thinking, awe hell, the Knicks are looking good lately and I might look like a Jackass if they continue to win. So, let me start slithering my way in to their good grace’s in case they keep looking like they have the last two games! So much time left for the NY media to eat their words, and trust me they will! Go Knicks!


Vince F.
December 30, 2006 7:31 PM

The failure to draft Amare Stoudamire cost the Knicks dearly. Let’s not forget that the Knicks failed to draft Ron Artest, opting instead to draft Frederic Weis, who has yet to play in the NBA. That’s not all. Remember Mike Woodson, Trent Tucker and Hubert Davis?

This is nothing new for the Knicks. Throughout the last 30+ years, they have made bad personnel decisions. They could have had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar when he left Milwaukee in 1975, but never made a serious effort to get him. Milwaukee offered him to NY first, because Kareem is from NY. If you look at what the Lakers gave up for Kareem, the Knicks could have matched.

They could have had Julius Erving for free in 1976 (Roy Boe owed The Knicks $4.8 million ; he offered them Erving to settle the debt, but the Knicks refused, and Boe sold his contract to Philadelphia to raise the money).

Could you imagine this starting 5 in 1976/77?

PG: Walt Frazier
SG: Earl Monroe
SF: Julius Erving
PF: Spencer Haywood/Bob McAdoo
C: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

The Knicks would have been in the Finals instead of the Sixers, and they would have beaten Portland. We might have another 3 or 4 championships.

They had a personal grudge against Bernard King and released him at the end of the 1987 season, thereby preventing NY fans from seeing how good the two of them could have been together. King went to Washington and won another scoring title.

This is the same franchise that traded Rod Strickland for Mo Cheeks in 1990, when Strickland was 21 and Cheeks was 31 and on the decline. Then they traded Mark Jackson for Charles Smith and Doc Rivers in 1992, when they were better off with Jackson and Xavier McDaniel.

They bungled Patrick Ewing’s departure from New York, putting them in salary-cap hell. $100 million to Allan Houston?

The bottom line is that for over 30 years, this Franchise has been run by boneheaded executives, and if it werent for the 1985 lottery, we might be the East Coast version of the L.A. Clippers.

As far as I am concerned, Isiah Thomas is no worse than Dave DeBusschere, Al Bianchi, Dave Checketts, Ernie Grunfeld, Ed Tapscott or Scott Layden.

I must really be a fan to still like this team.


Ewing Cursed the Knicks
December 30, 2006 8:04 PM

C’mon Frank there is nothing wrong with loving the Suns. They’re the most fun team in the league to watch…I know it…you know it…Isiah Thomas knows it…we all know it. The league and it many changes reflect the fact. So you don’t think I’m being unfair…I think Breen obviously knows his stuff. Still, he’s a home commentator and his “on-air” language shouldn’t sound like he’s applying for a position in Phoenix.

My point still stands…its hard enough to sit through a big Knick loss but to hear him go on and on about how great the Suns were (as if the Knicks weren’t trying or showing signs of life) sucked. I had no other choice of network to watch. League pass was blacked out. I had to watch it on MSG.

I did watch it…all of it. And unfortunately listened to it. My girl was half laughing at me but telling me to shut up and just turn the volume down becuz of how silly I found him to be. At one point I started counting off how many times he went overboard on the Suns. (at one point I considered keeping a real time log on the blog with all of breen’s quotes…but i doubt frank would approve)

When Kenny Smith (who I don’t even like to listen to) sounds HE is the one defending the Knicks (because of Breen doesn’t miss a chance to beat one of them up) I find a problem with that.

If Breen calls it like he sees it, then maybe the way he sees it blows. Its not indicative of the KNICK FANS WHO WATCH THE GAME FROM START TO FINISH. I’m sure he’s a tremendous guy and hard worker ( how else could he land the job)…but it’s his language and perspective of the Knicks and their play that he is paid to shell out. As a commentator, he’s lumped himself in with the rest of the NY Media and how biased they are AGAINST THESE KNICKS.

IIts like the media is taking out on this team the frustration they failed to take out on the five years before.

How could he call out Steph when he argued the call that got him a technical? Breen said something about wishing that technical fouls were treated as personal fouls and accumulate til they fouled out(cuz thats when “players would start to take referees more serious”)…

I mean..c’mon…Steph isn’t a whiner-complainer like Rasheed Wallace or Alonzo Mourning. Steph got hit on the play and many plays before it…he’s been getting hit a lot…and its been mentioned before that he gets an unfair amount of “no-calls” because of his strength. he gripes, gets a technical…that should be the end of it.

But of course that was not the end of it. Our home commentator goes off and implies that our main guy is a whining baby and the rules of the league should be changed so that players like him could be further punished. That’s a load of sh|t. From our home commentator guy? Did you hear how Kenny Smith didn’t go along with him? Did you notice he left him out there to dry? And Kenny Smith is a ultra conservative commentator when it comes to player conduct and behavior…so what does that say?

I find it funny when people wonder what Isiah has on Dolan…

as if Isiah has something secretive on Dolan forces him to leave Isiah with the job…

If you look at what happened to the Knicks franchise under Dolan’s control, why do you still wonder?

Dolan ruined it with his “God-Squad” “Corporately Correct” version of the Knicks. Those Knicks blew. Everyone knows it, including Dolan.

Isiah still has a job cuz he’s doing a better job than anyone in recent Knicks history of re-establishing a foundation…for the future.


Marbury Fan
December 30, 2006 8:11 PM

Vince F. great last post.

After reading all that, I wonder why all the reporters still report with such “high standards’ for this Knicks team.

They report on these Knicks as if they are “too good” to think that this Knick team is any good.

As if the Knick franchise is one of boundless virtue and has run a flawless regime for 30 years.

Media should be ashamed of itself.


December 30, 2006 9:34 PM

Vince F, If I’m not mistaken Strickland was 23 and Cheeks was 33. Not that it makes that much difference, but I was not happy about that one! But while on the subjects of what if’s….. what if Len Bias lived to play on the Celtics? That would have been huge even with the fact that Bird, Mchale and Parrish were past their prime but they also had a younger (The late) Reggie Lewis! Back to the Knicks, I agree with your comments.