Guest Post: The Knicks’ Party Is Over, The Koolaid Has Worn Off

(Editor’s Note: As we were monitoring the Knicks’ blogosphere to gauge the temperature of Knick fandom, we ran across a dynamic post in the comment section of The Knicksblog from someone we had not heard from before. But with the arrogance confidence and fire of a Fanatic, he laid out his position which I thought was worth sharing in the Fanatic Penthouse.  But, this time I didn’t steal the comment, I asked permission and it was granted.  BigDaddyBluesMan even stopped by earlier to lay some hands on us.  Give him a Fanatic greeting.  This post will come to you in two parts, as it was revealed when it was a comment abroad.)

Don't Drink THe Koolaid

OK the party is over and the Koolaid has worn off.

Part One:

D’Antoni is an overrated and egotistical in an Isiah sort of way by thinking he can take any 5 guys and teach them to be great players at any position.

From the start of the season you could see dissension and that was D’Antoni’s fault, lack of leadership from his end first. Lack of discipline. He does not discipline his players, he does not demand things from his players. That’s why they all love the guy and say such nice things about him.

With his last team he was blessed with a talented roster who didn’t really even need a coach. They knew how to play and Nash ran the show. Do you really think LeBron or Kobe need a coach….LOL….or Jordan, Ewing or any other true great player of any era. By the time they were great they had literally out grown needing to be coached. That’s what made them great. That’s what makes Kobe and Lebron and KG great. They don’t really NEED to be coached.

Yes you need a coach, but having one to help the team and needing one are two different things. Jordan and Kobe needed Jackson’s help, not needed him to coach them, that’s the way it works in the NBA. It’s not like other sports in that respect. But does Peyton Manning need to be coached…no….but the team needs a coach. Other players need to be coached and the star and coach work together. The star picks the coach in the NBA we all now that. If the star does not like the coach he’s gone.

So now you have a situation were this team needs to be coached, everybody needs coaching. His First duty is to instill discipline and that means shot selection, passing the ball and defense. These three things are the weakness of this team. How could any coach let players like Harrington and Nate get away with their lack of passing and poor shot selection. And with Duhon’s lack of getting the ball to Gallo. The unwillingness for a coach to call specific plays for players is unheard of. And the lack of demanding defense from his players. There’s is much more to this list of things D’Ant lacks.

These players have turned a deaf ear to this coach and have zero respect for him. Players like Hughes have a legitimate grip, Hughes is right but honestly a good coach would have just sent Hughes home until they either cut him or traded him and told the GM get rid of this guy. Harrington and Nate have no clue how to play basketball so how exactly has this coach made these players better? Did sitting Nate work? No. So this coach did what exactly in terms of instilling discipline? It was all a facade, Nate should have OKed a trade and gotten out of here, he’s not the brightest bulb in the lamp.

I think you have this team all wrong people. They do play hard and give effort. They just lack leadership and that comes from the head coach down. This started off as a fractured club house, who was the leader. It took too long for D’Antoni to put his foot down and lay it all out for these imbeciles. This is a dumb team. Some of these players are not smart and it shows on the court, they don’t play smart.

Nobody talks about that…..WHY??????……didn’t anybody see this? It was so obvious that there were two factions in the club house one lead by Harrington the other by DLee and Duhon. The fact is this team does not like each other.

Am I the only person that sees this?

Harrington even said he wanted to lead this team and become more of a leader. Be here next year and be the star of the Knicks. Yet it was Duhon and DLee who were voted as Captains by the team NOT Harrington. Can anybody spell out Dissension in the ranks?

Did D’Antoni do anything about it? NO…not until we lost how many games? The ship was sinking and he was desperate so he was forced to instill some discipline and get this team to start working together. What took him so long? It should have been done from the first day.

Am I the only one who sees this?

But the real bottom line here is this; Are we rebuilding or are we trying to make a run at the playoffs? You cannot do BOTH!!!!!!

The idea of the playoffs was realistic if D’Antoni had made it clear that was his goal. He should have had clear cut roles for each player from jump street, he didn’t. he should have said to Walsh I know we are trying to rebuild but I want to at least try to make the playoffs, get me another PG at least and someone who can play the 2 guard once they found out Mobely was unable to play.