Gullible Returns with The 10 Commandments of 2010 Knicks Optimism!

Top Ten Reasons Lebron James,… or some other Impact Free Agent, will sign with the Knicks… Eventually

By Orange and Blue

April 23, 2010

After channeling my inner gullible fanatic to find a reason to hope for a change in fortunes next season,… I fell asleep and had a vision of Gullible Fanatic bearing a huge table sort of like the tablet from the movie “The Ten Commandments,” which Charleton Heston presented to the Isrealites.



Well Gullible was pleased with my optimism and decided that I should be the one to awaken from the dream state to present Knicks Fandom the stories from his search around the blogosphere, which he encoded in his tablet, or was it an I pad, that communicated the Top Ten Reasons why Lebron James or some other free agent will sign with the New York Knicks… eventually…. So Here Goes Gullible’s findings, his pearls of Knicks optimism from around the web.

Gullible’s Top Ten:

1. Who wouldn’t want to play in New York City!

2. The allure of being the savior of New York Knicks Basketball is too irresistible!

3. Lebron James rocks New York Yankee’s cap!

4. Lebron James new Nike kicks are Blue and Orange and say “I Heart New York!”

5. Lebron James has petitioned the NBA to change his jersey number from 23 to another number so Toney Douglas can Keep his Knicks number 23 jersey!

6. Because one of Isola’s sources told him so

7. The Losing Culture is Changing at 2 Penn Plaza! *

8. Who doesn’t play better under Mike D’Antoni! *

9. Donnie Walsh knows what he’s doing, and if he doesn’t he always has plans B, C, D, E, F, G,… etc…

10. Knicks ought to have 38.3 million more reasons why with a new projected 2010 Salary Cap of 56.1 million dollars!


What are your top ten reasons why Lebron or some other A list superstar or stars will sign with the Knicks eventually?


* Gullible got wind of Knicksdefense’s Enthusiastic Statements but that enthusiasm must have disappeared into the ether…