Have The Nets Surpassed the Knicks?

The Nets have surpassed the Knicks

It’s the cold honest truth. If you’re not in the mood for a real perspective and you need to read something to justify your feelings of euphoria  than don’t continue reading. There’s plenty of other blogs for that.

On the eve of the most important free agency period in recent memory, the Nets have unveiled an aggressive billboard overlooking Madison Square Garden.


You’ll remember when Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov first grabbed the reigns of the fleeting franchise, he took a direct shot at the Knicks organization, saying that he would turn Knicks fans into Nets fans. Unlikely? Maybe not as improbable as one might think.

Jason Kidd was my favorite player in the league for a few years. He has lost a step or two in his later years but during his tenure in New Jersey he was a joy to watch. He seemingly controlled the game from start to finish, weaving through defenders and finding the open man. Since the Knicks were almost never in the playoffs, I adopted the Nets when June came around.

Now, I will always be a Knicks fan first. I say that just in case my allegiance is in question. However, all the jock riding fans that would become Knicks fans overnight if LeBron James comes to town, are up for grabs. The casual fan who goes to a few games a year and maybe watches every now and then on TV could easily be drawn to the Nets if they snag one of the top tier free agents. The move to Brooklyn is only a matter of time and if the Knicks aren’t careful they might be the 2nd best and least exciting team in town. Sort of like the Los Angeles Clippers

I recently moved to North Jersey. I’m sort of a reverse Benny, since I’ve lived at the Jersey Shore my whole life before a few months ago. I can’t remember ever seeing a billboard or any type of advertisement for the Knicks in the Jersey Shore area. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but I can definitely recall more than a few billboards for the Nets. Clearly the Knicks have always conceded New Jersey residents and potential fans to the Nets. Now the Nets have moved into New York Knicks territory. Will the Knicks fight back or just take it on the chin? I can only assume that they’ll turn the other cheek and allow fans to congregate elsewhere. I hope I’m wrong and in a few weeks we’ll be staring at a roster that can compete in the playoffs, but as of right now the Nets have all the swagger.